Metuchen High Students Meet Working Artists For Career Talk

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Metuchen's own Cartoon Goddess Lauren Rabinowitz gave us the scoop on the recent Careers in the Arts events at the Metuchen High School. This is what she said:


The event (to the best of my knowledge) was organized by Joyce 
Browning, Mary Lou Roma, Linda Graf and Judi Cheung.

There were 5 presenters :

David Glasofer  - Photographer, Image Up Studio 
Ed Wetzel - Fine Artist

Patrick Woodruff - senior at SVA
Christine Priola - muralist and painter

We were each stationed in different locations (library, auditorium, 
art room). Five groups of art students came to see each presenter 
speak for about 15 minutes about life as an artist/creative.

Here's the basics of what I told the students who came to see me:

After I introduced myself, I presented a brief slide show of different 
types of work I've done over the last 30 years (
). I explained how I got started as a scenic artist (when I was still 
a student) and progressed to set design, followed by production art 
and illustration freelance jobs. I told them how the digital 
revolution changed production, illustration and how it all eventually 
led me to designing websites and digital graphics. They learned what 
my average day as an artist/desginer is like, how I juggle two 
businesses, the importance of paperwork and record keeping, and what 
inspires me.

I had illustration portfolios, sketchbooks and all kinds of 
promotional goodies with me. Some students asked questions, mostly 
about computers versus traditional media and which I use more.


Thanks, Lauren! What a fantastic idea! To help students see the reality of a life working in the arts. Any student who participated in this event is welcome to let us know what they took away from it. Metuchen Matters would love to hear from any of the other artists who participated as well.

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