Transatlantic Jam Cam at Raconteur Sunday

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From the Raconteur:

11 AM, Sun. February 7

Live Music

The shop's "jam session" runs concurrent with a very similar session occurring in Reading, England at a pub called The Retreat. Participants alternate, collaborate, and symphonize via a Google web cam. Web Cam Jam is more about the performers than the performance, but that doesn't you can't come in watch. Raconteur musicians drink coffee and play in the rear of the shop. Retreat musicians quaff pints (morning here, Happy Hour there) and are projected onto a movie screen behind local performers. All instruments welcome. NOTE: Last year Oscar winner Kate Winslet mentioned this very same pub and the pickling contest her mother had  won there.Last February the Web Cam Jam caught Kate's mom, Sally Winslet (now known as the Queen of Shallots), in the foreground eating bangers and in last April's Mr. Winslet sang the old broadside "Darlin' Old Stick."

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