MHS Political Institute Students Raise Funds for Schools in Ghana

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From a student at Metuchen High School:

My name is Valentina Gordon and I'm a senior at Metuchen High School. This year I am part of Mr. Robbins Political Institute Class. Three years ago Mr. Robbins took an interest in the people of Ghana. He is now a partner with the IOM (Interenation Organization of Migration) and has been working with them. For the past three years Mr. Robbins' Political Institute class has been helping to raise money to rescue the enslaved children.
This year our class decided to go even bigger and we are now trying to raise money to build a school in a village called, Okpalama. The children who are allowed to attend school don't have calssrooms, or even buildings for schools. When the weather is bad classes are cancelled. We want to give the children of Ghana the opportunity to learn. The children of Ghana are the future and we believe that if we help to educate them then the country can start to change. It will cost us $50,000 to build a small school. We are lucky enough to have the help from Miss. Ghana who will raise $25,000. We hope that we can make a partnership with your website and to spread the word of what we are doing to all of Metuchen. This is a great cause and the whole community should be involved. Thank you for your consideration.

Valentina Gordon and Political Institute

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