HypnoBirthing Classes starting in Metuchen

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Metuchen resident Mellisa Dormoy brings HypnoBirthing to our area.  What is HypnoBirthing?  Mellisa explains:

HypnoBirthing® teaches women how to eliminate that fear so that they experience an easier more comfortable birth, the same peaceful experience that women in other cultures have practiced for centuries. The extreme relaxation of HypnoBirthing® has the opposite effect.  It promotes the natural release of the body's own endorphins, which are 200 times stronger than morphine. It is not uncommon for women to appear as if they are sleeping and suddenly announce that the baby is coming. HypnoBirthing®, Also known as The Mongan Method, was created by Marie Mongan M.Ed., M.Hy. (Certified Hypno-Anesthesiologist) in an effort to allow the mother, baby, and birthing companion a means in which the true art and joy of birth could be experienced.

Historically, the stereotypical labor/birthing process has been associated with pain, fear, discomfort, and tension that exceed nearly all other life experiences.  Women in Western societies have adopted the belief that the birthing process should be painful, but it's actually that fear itself that causes the pain. Fear causes tension. Tension causes pain. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy. When the fear-tension-pain cycle begins, true pain is experienced.  Not only is pain created by opposing chemicals, the natural progression of labor is impeded.  Dysfunctional labor patterns are created which can in many cases lead to interventions such as Pitocin and Cesarean births.

For more information you can call Mellisa at 732-800-0510 or check out www.myhypnobirthing.com.

Trained educators throughout the world, have been successfully teaching women and their birthing companions the unique relaxation, enhanced by self-hypnosis techniques of HypnoBirthing®. The method teaches that in the absence of fear and tension, a woman is able to call upon her natural instincts through guided imagery, visualization and breathing in order to bring about a safer, easier, more comfortable birthing that most mirrors nature.


Locally, expectant mothers along with their Birthing Companions can take HypnoBirthing® classes either in a group setting or privately in their own homes with Mellisa Dormoy CHt, HBCE who is the only certified registered HypnoBirthing® instructor in Middlesex county.


HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Education classes are taught in five, two and a half hour  hour classes. Included in the fee is the textbook, HypnoBirthing®  A Celebration of Life,  by Marie F. Mongan, two self-hypnosis practice Cds, a birth plan, and many informational handouts. Private hypnosis sessions are also available.


The techniques that are learned in the classes are skills that moms and dads can apply to many areas of life.  By the fourth class, couples are so eager for another session of hypnosis that they are stretching out on the floor to maximize their experience.


For further information, contact Mellisa Dormoy, certified Hypnotist at 718-865-5202, 732-800-0510 or visit www.myhypnobirthing.com.

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