Councilman Weber Responds to Raised Court Issue

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A couple of weeks ago we posted a suggestion from a Facebook friend about Metuchen installing a raised court in one of our parks.  Councilman Richard Weber sent us the following response to the issue:

In an ideal world, I would love to see a racquetball or paddleball court in Metuchen if there was enough support for it amongst the community.  I have always been a supporter of the town's efforts to better our recreation facilities. For this reason, I voted along with the other members of the Borough Council to bond for the money to install lights at the new field which will be constructed at Myrtle Park.  The installation of lights comes at a cost of $200,000 but will eliminate the additional cost and inconvenience that would be necessary if the lights were installed at a later date after the field is finished, and the lights will provide an immediate benefit to the residents of Metuchen who use the field.  I was loathe to spend that extra money in this tough economic climate, especially since the entire cost of the field is being paid for with a grant from Middlesex County, but felt the benefits of lights being installed during construction of the field outweighed the cost.

However,  with New Jersey in a state of Economic Emergency,  with uncertainty as to the future of state aid to the borough and our schools, I would caution against undertaking any new capital projects such as this.  The Mayor and Council are fighting to keep Metuchen's independence  against increased calls in Trenton to require mergers of municipalities.  This is not the time, in my opinion,  for the Borough to consider taking on a significant capital project such as a racquetball or paddleball court.

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