Project Graduation Asks for Submissions

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From Project Graduation:

Project Graduation is coming up!  Part of the excitement for the evening will be the traditional photo MEMORY DVD. 

Here is what all of us (parents of seniors and seniors) need to do to make sure we get the best Memory DVD possible:
Find pictures of your senior at different ages.  Find pictures of groups of students from the Class of 2010 including pictures from elementary, middle and high school days.  The pictures may include sports, band, theatre or other activities.  The pictures may also include parties and just hanging out, prom, winter formal, or homecoming.  Pictures of teachers and/or class pictures from elementary and middle school days are good to include.  Best friend shots are great.  Look for pictures of students from the Class of 2010 that you think you will enjoy seeing in June and for many years to come.
Pictures should be submitted as digital images with the highest resolution possible (at least 4"X6").  Create a CD/DVD (select up to 10 pictures) with your son/daughter's name clearly marked on it. Please include a valid email address and phone number in case we have questions. 
Submit the CD/DVD to MHS Project Graduation at the high school front desk between now and APRIL 2, 2010.    Pictures can also be submitted via email to  Please identify each picture by renaming the file name (i.e." Joe smith 1.jpg": "Joe smith 2.jpg").
If you must submit photographs rather than digital images via CD/DVD or email, please submit copies (not originals) clearly marked with your son/daughter's name on the back.
Contact Dorothy Rasmussen at 732-570-7674 or or Janine Akey at 732-742-4473 or with questions and for more information.
Seniors interested in taking pictures during the remaining part of this year are encouraged to contact Dorothy Rasmussen.  We would love to see your perspective.
Thanks for your support.
Sincerely, The Project Graduation '10 Committee

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