Superintendent Declares That Metuchen Will Survive Budget Crunches with Salary Freezes, Other Measures


With the district's reserve account needed to complete work for the 2009-2010 school year and an 89% reduction in state aid for the coming years along with additional cuts made by the Governor's office, Superintendent Terri Sinatra emotionally addressed the community by saying that there are monies to survive throughout the next school year but by the 2011-2012 year the district is going to be forced to make some creative and difficult choices in terms of services offered.

The County Superintendent is enacting the state regulations, which declare that the district must not exceed its budget from last year by more than 4%, With that in mind, the Superintendent discussed the variety of ways (no freshman teams, fewer world languages offered, salary freezes, technology cuts, co-curricular clubs cancelled) with which the district will begin to cope with these tight budget lines. However, Sinatra thanked the existing faculty for agreeing to the changes that will be needed and giving their full support to the district as they embark on this difficult journey.

Even with the cuts, a surplus account for emergency purposes will be set aside to the tune of $600K. Additional bright spots are that there are no major capital improvements that need to be made at this time and faculty salaries and health insurance costs are fixed. Total spending has dropped by about 3% according to the budget appropriations for the coming year. Arbitage money is available to pump into the school system.

All handouts from the budget discussions last night will be available soon on the district website.  We will link to them when they are posted.


I read in today's Star Ledger that West Morris Central HS (1387 students) is suspending its search for a principal til the dust settles......
Metuchen HS has how many students?
Just a thought.

I applaud the superintendant, board of education and the teachers for addressing this issue with creativity and thoughtfulness. These are tough choices that nobody wants to make but they are necessary. These are tough economic times but there is no doubt that this district will come out of this by acting prudently while also providing high quality education to our children. I personally thank our local leaders and the staff of Metuchen Public Schools for years of excellent education and their commitment to quality despite these trying times.

Brian Keenan

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