We just got HGTV back! Now ABC?

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Would you be lost without "Lost"?  Well if Cablevision and Disney (owner of ABC) don't manage to come to an agreement soon, local cable subscribers might find themselves in just such a predicament.  As early as this Saturday, ABC may be off the air if you have Cablevision.  And yes, that means you'll miss the Oscars on Sunday (not to mention "Lost" and the excellent new "Modern Family").

Hopefully the two parties can rectify the situation before this weekend, but after the HGTV v Cablevision fight who knows what will happen.

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Not a surprise. This is just another tale in as the CableVision world turns. ABC's position is clear but tone and timing are no better. Let me see, Cable is charging for a free broadcasting service and they are not giving a cut to that service provider? In response Cable and ABC openly, and disgustingly attack each other.

Hmmm. I wonder why ABC waited so long. More important what nasty unprofessionals they all are. Serves no purpose except to pollute the civility of our young further by broadcasting that you can say what ever you want on TV. I would love to see the industry re-regulated.

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