New Principal To be Announced At Board Meeting Tonight - No Television Broadcast Tonight

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If you want to know who the new principal of the Metuchen High School is, you will have to attend the Board of Education meeting this evening. Yesterday, the Board of Education announced that the name of the new Metuchen High School principal will be released during the public portion of tonight's Board of Education meeting.  (Note: Even though the Board of Education's meeting calendar labels tonight's meeting CLOSED, that is only for part of the meeting.  There will be a segment open to the public, that's when the announcement will be made.)  The meeting will not be broadcast live for an unnamed reason; it will be aired at a later date.

Who is the person who will take the helm of the most divisive element of our school district during these difficult financial times? Tonight's meeting will be very important given both this announcement and the completion of the important budget considerations that have to be voted upon and confirmed before next week's Board of Education election takes place.

Hopefully the new principal will be available to discuss plans for the future shortly. We look forward to hearing this new member of the adminstration's views on how to make the best possible situation out of the many restrictions placed on the district at this time.

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