On Election Day, CQE Offers Hand Delivery of Any Ballots that may have been returned for additional postage this weekend -- Information Here

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A CQE (Citizens for Quality Education) member and devoted reader sent us this information, which may be useful to those of you who may have had ballots returned this weekend for additional postage:

I found out that absentee ballots need $1.05 postage because of their new over-sized form.  The envelope says "extra postage needed," so my husband put on an extra stamp, but it came back on Friday.  I took his ballot to the P.O. on Saturday morning.  But I'm afraid that other people's ballots might come back on Monday for additional postage and may not reach New Brunswick by 3 PM on 4/20.

. . . [A]  CQE representative is going down to New Brunswick as usual on Election Day leaving Metuchen at noon to hand deliver any ballots that haven't made it down there yet.  If anyone wants their ballot delivered, they can put it in the mail slot at 202 Dellwood Road before noon on Tuesday.

Thanks again! Don't forget to take this into consideration--every vote counts! Polls are open from 2-9PM on Tuesday at all voting stations in the district. Make your voice heard!

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