Route 27 Closing is Causing Some Major Delays in Town - and Will, Until Halloween!


bilde.jpgI have a front row seat to the detour traffic from the Route 27 closing between Grove Avenue and Parsonage Road. Living right near Metuchen High School, this is a pretty busy stretch of road anyway but today it has been wall-to-wall traffic and, I sadly assume, that it will be like this throughout the repair process. We never received a notice telling us that this was going to happen until I got a Honeywell call on Friday, as well as a note from concerned Councilmen and the Office of Emergency Management in town. Nothing from the DOT, nothing telling us how this work would alter, quite intensely, the way we could leave and enter our properties off Grove Avenue. We aren't the only ones who aren't happy--plenty of business owners think this is going to cause havoc for downtown as well.

If you have any information on how best to survive this roadwork, the detours and the backed-up traffic, please write to us at and let us know how you are going to deal with this for the next six months.


You still have to have a sense of humor. A guy stopped me this morning during my run with his car right in the center of Middlesex just before Grove and shouted "with all these road closings I can't find the train station. How do you find it??" I said right on Grove and right on Woodbridge three times and all he could do was complain with his car stopped in the middle of Middlesex. I said Sir, I have to continue running he shook his head as if he was doing me a favor and finally thanked me getting the message. Stupid so and so. No wonder people dislike us so much.

Let's face it the bridge failed. I would not want to drive over it. We all have known about its condition for years, if you did not pay shame on you more atention to Boro meetings. The bridge is getting fixed and thank God nobody got killed. What are we going to do tar and feather the DOT? Not if you do not want to go to prison and you want the bridge fixed. Nightmare yes, reality yes. We will survive. A little less complaining would help.

Only 1 word to describe this - NIGHTMARE!
I already seen many U - Turns being made illegally, and total confusion on many driver's faces. What a mess!!!

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