Metuchen-Edison Bike Ride Crowned Great Success by Councilman Morrisson

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Councilman Chris Morrisson took two of his sons and hit the road, with a lot of other people, during the Metuchen-Edison 25-mile bike ride last Saturday. He kindly sent us some reportage on this really fun tradition! Thanks so much, Chris!

From Chris Morrison:

It was a fun event with approximately 150 riders of all shapes and sizes (Free T-Shirts with your $5 registration).  People were riding everything from high-end roadbikes to Mountain bikes to beach cruisers to tandems to BMX trick bikes to Sting-Rays with banana seats and training wheels (that little girl didn't make the whole ride - just a few blocks).  The ride started at the Edison Municipal Complex at 9 a.m. and wound through much of Edison and Metuchen before looping back to the start.  There were rest stops in Edison including the Menlo Tower.  We went through Roosevelt Park and had a brief rest at Metuchen Borough Hall.  We then headed down Main and over the Graham Footbridge before heading back into Edison.
Our family has done the ride for the last few years and it is always fun.  This year we registered, but decided to meet the crowd as they passed Lola's in Metuchen (Riding a bicycle along Route 27 to the Edison Municipal Complex with a few kids in tow can be a little too intense for comfort-even on a Sunday morning).  This year my sons Luke and Rourke accompanied me. It is pretty neat for kids as they get a police escort along the way.  Both Luke and Rourke said this was the best year yet - It is amazing what some sun will do (and some fun size candy bars at the rest stops).The picture you have is of Michael and Anne Kruimer as they rode down High Street.  They ride a modified tandem to allow Anne to pedal using her hands.  She is paralyzed below the waist.  They are mainstays of the cycling community in Metuchen. You will often see them crisscrossing through town on two wheels - invariably with big smiles for all.

The event went off perfectly this year.  Edison Police, Metuchen Police, and Metuchen Auxiliary Police shut down roads and directed the bikers seamlessly.  A sag wagon followed for any bikers that were too tired to continue or who suffered some mechanical problems. It is a great way to see our community.

And how many times do you get a free Police escort when no one is in trouble?

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