Bridge Closing Affects Local Businesses, Councilman Reminds Us

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To our readers from Councilman Chris Morrisson:
Everyone in Metuchen is now at least somewhat familiar with the changes wrought by the closure of Route 27 for bridge repair.  The residents in the affected area have had to make changes to their daily routines.  Those changes have been frustrating for many and we all eagerly await the re-opening of the road.  Yet, the closure has affected more than just the residents.  Businesses are suffering too. 
In particular, Beacon Hill Automotive Service, a car repair business and gas station is in perhaps the most vulnerable position -- literally.   It is a business that relies heavily on car traffic rolling by, and stopping in for gas.  Unfortunately, it is on the stretch between the two sets of signs announcing "road closed" (right next to the Metuchen Elks building).  No cars are rolling by.   Yet, the business remains open - you can still buy gas and have your car serviced.  The road closure is taking a serious toll, though.
One resident reports that gas sales have plummeted by as much as 90 percent and the owner is doing what he can to tread water.   
Please keep Beacon Hill Automotive, and all of the other affected businesses, in mind.  It may be a bit more inconvenient to use their services right now, but we want them to make it through to see the road re-opening and to continue to provide the services our town needs. 

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