Cuts, cuts and more cuts - Who and What Is Losing the Battle with the Economy in Metuchen?

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As a Facebook prompt suggests, the Care2 petition for which signatures are being collected hopes to keep the drama program at the Metuchen High School, the Footlighters, from losing their funding. A popular and hard-working teaching at Moss School may not be coming back next year and parents are signing letters to help improve his chances. The 2010-2011 school budget was approved and yet there are a lot of changes coming. One, if not two, new first grade classrooms are being created, turning the vaulted music program into a cartable adventure. The fourth grade classrooms will have much larger groups of students in each class.

As one school year closes out, a new one is in the planning. When the budget was approved, we all knew things would be changing somewaht. So things are in motion but specifics are coming to light. Where else are you finding that things are changing per the economy? And are you prepared to step in and pick up the slack, if a treasured program is about to be cut back for the greater good? Is civic involvement the way to fill in the blanks?

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