Did the MHS Footlighters' Pleas Save Their Fall Play?

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23282_119992014704893_260_n.jpgWith a popular petition on Facebook and a general concern among parents and students both, The Metuchen High School Footlighters are still waiting to find out if their fall play is going to be cut or not.

Their supporters were legion at the last Board of Education meeting as they attempted to sway the members to reconsider the recommendation by MHS principal Bruce Peragallo to cut the group's fall performance. Parents and students both appeared to ask for the group's play to be taken off the chopping block. With cuts needed in all areas, the Footlighters were told that final decisions have not been made and that, as Fran Brennan said to one distraught student, "We should all have hope." Those who assembled acknowledged that they understood the pressure the board was under in making cuts but asked that the educational resources available in programs like the Footlighters be acknowledged in kind.

The Footlighters can only wait for the final results. If you wish to sign the Footlighters' petition on Facebook, click here.


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