In Praise of Mr. Bobby, Crossing Guard Extraordinaire

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This tribute was sent to us by Kathy Burke:

If you walk to Olmeezer Park, drop your children off at Campbell School or simply drive on Main Street in the morning or afternoon, you may have encountered the friendly face on the corner of Mr. Bobby Moten.  Mr. Moten has been the wonderful crossing guard on the corner of Talmadge Avenue and Main Street for 5 years since retiring from General Motors.  It's hard to say what one notices first.  It could be his beaming smile, which far outshines his reflective vest and hat, his exuberant wave to passing motorists or his cheerful greeting to parents and children.

He is affectionately known to us regulars as "Mr. Bobby".  This man takes pride in his job.  He arrives early and stays late to ensure the safety of every child and pedestrian.  He loves the children and the parents.  The feeling is mutual.  Mr. Bobby says that 'the children see the inner part of you" and that "a smile makes a difference in one's day".
 Mr. Bobby enjoys being a crossing guard much more than the 35 years he spent in a cubicle at General Motors.  "I love to intermingle with the people," he says.  The people love him too, both young and old.  Drivers have stopped to tell him the difference he makes in their day and the children really miss him if he's not there.  On a daily basis I am fortunate to see his interaction with students, drivers and those walking to the train.
Mr. Bobby is an inspiration to us all.  At 72 years of age, he walks a mile to his post each morning.  He is father of three, the grandfather of six and has one great-granddaughter.  On New Year's Eve he will be married to his lovely wife, Velma, for 50 years.  Mr. Bobby is also a cancer survivor.  He has been  cancer-free of multiple myloma for five years and counts each day as a blessing.

This man has made such a difference in my life in the three years I have lived on Talmadge Avenue.  He is a person of great character whom I love.  I feel privileged to know him.  In writing this I hope to give Mr. Bobby a recognized "thank you" and the rest of you an opportunity to know a really great man.
As the school year comes to a close, I wish Mr. Bobby and all of you a happy and safe summer.

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Well said! And here is a link to some photos of Mr. Bobby taken by Julie Walton Shaver a couple years ago.

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