Will Heated Council Discussion on Fire Prevention to Continue at Tonight's Meeting?

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victorystore00_2106_21615441.gifHouses are on the market for months longer than they were during the boon real estate times and many homeowners are resorting to offering rentals in order to help keep properties under their own jurisdiction. After serious incidents have occurred, the Fire Department is going to begin inspecting homes in order to determine who exactly and how many people are living in any Metuchen residence. The Council conversation about this plan, which is fully supported by businesses in town and the Chamber of Commerce, turned out to be a controversial one, with discussions about the funds that would be generated from such action turning into a partisan uproar. So what is the end result of that confluence of differing opinions?

A reader chimes in, "The Metuchen Boro Council is proposing to establish a new Fire Preventaion Bureau with a new position (Fire Marshal) and eliminate the existing one. In addition to proposed fees that the Bureau will charge Metuchen businesses, the Boro will fund the salary increase and pension obligations of the new position over the existing one.If you're interested in hearing more, please attend the Council meeting tonight and/or visit: http://www.metuchennj.org/bc-agendas/bc062110/2010-8%20red%20lined.pdf

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