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Every once in a while, there is a lot of news to report in Metuchen. Habitual drunk drivers on our streets and thieves stealing money from parked cars in neighborhood driveways have all put our little town into the larger news cycle. Click on the hyperlinks for the stories about each incident.

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I was stopped on Main today, traveling south, waiting for an elderly lady to cross the street starting from the Century 21 building. She was walking slow and looking down observing her balance. The light turned green from 27, and a blue minivan passed me at full speed on my right. I waved my hands franticly and was motioning her to stop, she looked right at me, gave me a dirty look and a hand gesture to say “screw you”, and barreled past the elderly woman missing her by about 12 inches. If someone were pushing a child in a stroller, mom would not have seen the van until it was too late. The idiot right behind the van slammed on his brakes, let the lady pass, and then honked at me for not letting him cut in front of me. These are the animals on the road at 11 am. People are too high, or too stupid to realize that a car stopped on Main is waiting for someone to cross. They must see the signs, but could care less about obeying the law. I called the police and they said they would look into it. I think the cross walks offer a false sense of security because there is no one is around to enforcing the law. Shut down the cross walks and let people cross the street when the coast is clear, better off waiting then getting mowed down. And to the stupid blonde in the minivan, because of you my kids heard colorful words they never heard before.

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