Monday's Council Meeting Recognizes Community Leaders, Including Resigning Councilman Weber

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There wasn't one person in Borough Hall during Monday's Borough Council meeting who didn't acknowledge at some point during the evening that community service, in whatever form it takes, is what makes Metuchen a great small town. With the added emotion from the surprise resignation by Councilman Richard Weber, this was a dramatic and tear-filled meeting, as various public personnel were commended for their selfless helping of others in times of need.

Mayor Vahalla presented proclamations to three police officers for their quick response to medical emergencies in the last month. Police Corporal Anthony Carroll, Sergeant Steve Menafro and Officer Joseph Keane were thanked for their response to serious 911 calls. The Police Chief James Keane also thanked his men publicly for their dedicated service and reminded the public about the 2-3 minute response that meets most emergency calls. A young man who was revived after a heart attack was in the audience and was moved beyond words by his good luck in being treated by these capable men.

The most intensely emotional discussion for the Council members was the resignation of Richard Weber, eight-year Councilman from Metuchen, who is giving up his post because of personal issues. Each of the other council members gave him their thanks--the Mayor announced that he would keep Weber on as a non-resident member of the Historical Society. Councilman Will Waldron called him a "great teacher and mentor." Councilwoman Sheri-Rose Rubin said that she wouldn't have won the election without Weber as her generous running mate, while Councilman Christopher Morrisson very poetically said that "he has acted like a gentleman . . . he has always had a way of being able to disagree without being disagreeable." Councilman Manley said he would be sorely missed, a sentiment agreed on by all on the Council. Weber's resignation will leave an additional spot open during this election season, but his vacated seat will be filled by appointment.

Metuchen Matters wishes to thank Councilman RIchard Weber for his help and friendship and for his dedicated service to our town and we wish him all the best in all his future endeavors.

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