Raymond John Cut-a-Thon to Support Lakeview School This Sunday

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RaymondJohnCutAThon.jpgRaymond John also wants to thank the Bulldog Deli for donating all the food and drinks for the event!! Read on for Raymond John's history of the event and the great program he has started for interns at Lakeview School.
"A number of teachers as well as the principal of the school come to me for their hair. 
attach.msc.jpgIn 2009, the principal approached me with a pilot program she wanted to start up where the students who were able to, would actually get in to a work place and work and prepare them to assimilate into society. So I agreed and it was then I met Mercy, she is 19 years old and has cerebral palsy. Mercy works one day a week in my salon. She sweeps, folds towels, cleans the sinks and work duties of that nature. Words cannot describe how Mercy touched my heart and my life! Four other businesses followed the program.
At the end of school year this past June, those 5 students, including Mercy organized a party at their school for the 5 businesses involved with the work program. I closed my salon that day and took my staff to the party. Mercy was absolutely elated that we all went!
I passed an area with some books and t-shirts and things of that nature that were for sale. The monies from the sale go to extra activities and things for the school..
I have never been in that school before but I grew up in this area and certainly knew of it. Being there that day and seeing the incredible love, guidance, caring, so many other things I seen there that day. I decided to have a cut a thon for that school. I have one each year for a different charity."

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