Metuchen Police Checkpoints Make NJ News: What do you Think??

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This recent article about a man at a Metuchen Main Street checkpoint in early September states that the man got a $55 ticket for having an Alumnae frame around his rear license plate. The police said that a misplaced inspection sticker caught their attention but the driver was ticketed for the license plate infraction. Are we wasting the time of our police officers in running checkpoints or are they important in locating issues that drivers need to be aware of? Do you think that drivers in Metuchen are good at following directions or are the drivers in this state just a little bit to the left of lax?

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I don't mind seeing a strange license plate frame, but having to wait for three very speedy cars to pass as I crossed an intersection along Hillside yesterday was a little frustrating. I wouldn't have minded except that they were clearly driving 40mph in the 25mph zone (at least that's what my internal radar guessed).

Traffic calming on the busy pedestrian streets is my own highest priority.. Probably the checkpoints will help with this indirectly. I think the problem of speedy drivers will only become worse as the world becomes speedier each year! :-)

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