UPDATE: Project Porchlight Was a Huge Success!

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Project Porchlight visited Metuchen on Saturday, September 25, 2010. An enthusiastic youthful crowd of twenty-one (21) consisting of Boy Scouts from Troops 17 and 216, and Girl Scouts from Troop 81645 offered their time to deliver one free compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb door to door to a select group of homes in Metuchen.  The volunteers were full of energy despite the hot weather,  as well as their their sports and Townwide Garage sale shopping activities from earlier in the day. Perhaps it was the free shirts and wristbands they received, or the promise of pizza afterwards that kept them shining. The volunteers received training from the Project Porchlight professionals and were told how to approach each household, the information they should convey, and to be polite.

From all accounts, the volunteers fulfilled their task with valor.  Many shared stories afterwards of certain households being reluctant to accept a "free" anything--but the volunteers stressed the the CFL's were free and the households were glad to accept them and help Metuchen get green and save energy.  (Thankfully, we received no reports of anyone trying to sell their "free" bulb at their garage sale). The volunteers completed their task in approximately three (3) hours and returned to the Senior Center where the promised pizza was delivered and did not stand a chance against the hungry youngsters.

The program was sponsored in Metuchen by the Metuchen Environmental Commission.  The State sponsor for the program was New Jersey's Clean Energy Program and the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. The Metuchen volunteers distributed approximately 600 bulbs over the course of the afternoon.  For more information about Project Porchlight, please visit www.projectporchlight.com .

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