2010 Election Results Are Still Coming in!

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Here's yet another update on the Metuchen Borough Council erlection--provisional votes are being counted and it may be a couple of days before this election is truly over so we have to stay tuned!

Given the back-and-forth of the evening, votes coming in, changing, updating, it was not hard to realize that democracy is a maleable process--and one in which we all take the chance of being unhappy when the final results are counted. For those of you who aren't pleased with the results, nationally, state-wide or locally, remember this: if you voted, you exercised a very important legal privilege with which we have been awarded in this country. No one shot at us for standing in line at a poll, no one tried to burn down our home because we supported one candidate over another. In other parts of the world, casting a simple vote isn't easy. And no one is guaranteed that they will win.

And every candidate who puts himself or herself out there for all to see, trying their best to run a clean campaign so that the issues are the focal point, should feel proud of the fact that they took that chance, whether they win or not. Again, it is a privilege to be able to run for office but so many of us don't do it because it's hard hard work and you have to have full disclosure of your life and your beliefs. The candidates from our town should be congratulated, win or lose--they care enough about our community that they give up their comfortable notoriety and try to help every citizen's needs and desires be met within our government. We appreciate all their efforts!

These are difficult times in our country and in our town. A lot of people are out of work, struggling with health insurance issues, trying their best to stay afloat when the bigger machinations of the country's leaders fail to bring balance to our lives. We owe it to them to work with whomever wins our local governmental seats and continue to let our elected officials know what we think. Democracy in action is every citizen speaking up--so just do it! We'lll all be the better for it! Thanks to you who got out to vote and thanks again to those who want to help our community be the best it can be for all our friends and neighbors.

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