Flag Football League Wraps Up Successful "Super Bowl"

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As turkeys are prepared and families and friends gather together to give thanks on that one day of the year we are focused on what we have (and not what we don't), Metuchen parents give thanks for a very special coach who has brought a time-honored fall tradition back to our little town. Local businerssman Dan Misdea asked the Rec Commission to join him in starting a Flag Football league for Metuchen kids in grades 3 to 8 and it has grown from 35 players to more than 100. September through November, league members are instructed in basic skills without tackling.  Misdea states that ""We want to teach kids how to run a play without being worried about getting hit. It's important that parents see the chances of injury are very slim. Because the purpose of the league is largely instructional, a number of rules are in place."

Councilman Christopher Morrisson has shared some of his great photos of the recent "Super Bowl" game with us. They really capture the fun and determination of the players. Thanks, Chris!  Maybe this will inspire families across town to grab a ball and get out and play together before the feasting begins! Happy Thanksgiving!

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