VOTE TOMORROW! Be An Informed Voter!!

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VOTE HERE.jpgOkay, Metuchen Matters isn't your mom and can't tell you to wash your hands before dinner or make sure you give up your seat on the bus to the pregnant lady standing right in front of you, but we can tell you to VOTE tomorrow!! Interim elections are hugely important to the future of the country . . . and to our borough as well. In fact, as you know, four candidates are vying for two Borough Council seats in tomorrow's election. For additional information about each of them, incumbent Christopher Morrisson and Will Waldron and Democratic candidates Dorothy Rasmussen and James Wallace, check out this link. Make an informed decision and use the hard-earned privilege of voting rights to make a difference in your own community!

And make sure you know what the details are for the ballot question regarding raiding the state's workers' benefit funds in order to help plug holes in our state budget.

All four polling stations in town will be open from 6AM- 8PM tomorrow so, even though it's going to be cold (it is November, by the way), there's no reason to miss this opportunity to vote!!

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