Buddy the Therapy Dog, Metuchen's Best Friend

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Resident Steve Goldfarb brought his brave and helpful dog Buddy to our attention this week. He's a Therapy Dog, assisting people who need a little extra TLC when encountering difficult physical or emotional issues. Steve sent us this info on Buddy, who's available for visits to someone you may know who needs some 'therapy':

"Buddy XV (yes, the 15th Buddy!) is a 4 year old male who spent his first years as a Dartmouth fraternity dog. My son's fraternity has 2 or 3 dogs in residence at any one time and the oldest gets to move out and live with a graduating senior. While hesitant at first at taking Buddy in (my son lives in Manhattan and Buddy would be joining 2 cats in Metuchen), Buddy's first year in Metuchen has turned out spectacularly. Buddy loves both people and animals, even squirrels if he could ever catch one! Neighborhood children adore Buddy. Buddy has made just one TDI visit so far, to a nursing home in Monmouth County. While the patients enjoyed him immensely, Buddy told me that he'd like to be closer to his food and water.

For further information about Therapy Dogs, here is TDI's site:  http://www.tdi-dog.org/


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