Want to Follow Up On the Accident on Main Street? Here's How . . .

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There's been an outpouring of outrage about the accident last week on Main Street when a pedestrian was hit by a car in the crosswalk near the train station. So let's do something with all those ideas, people, and get them to the proper authorities. Here's where you should address your concerns. And if any of you are worried commuters or are interested in going to a borough council meeting and presenting your concerns, contact us here at info@metuchenmatters.com and we will help organize that effort.

Concerned Metuchenites should contact the Traffic and Transportation Advisory Committee via email:


They should also contact Traffic and Transportation liaison Councilman Pete Cammarano

pcamm@metuchen.com (as found on the Borough website)

Your efforts can make a safer Metuchen so act now!

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