What Does Your Street Look Like? Snow Plow Update

This is the only time I actually enjoy living on a main thoroughfare in town--Grove Avenue has been very clear for the last few days. However, we have been getting comments that other streets, like High Street, are a big mess. What does your street look like? Send us pictures, if you can, or at least send information about how the plowing situation has gone in your neighborhood. Public Works is closed tomorrow due to the holiday so make sure that you call them today if you are having difficulty driving down your street (they can be accessed in our community listings to the right).


I really love living in this town but every time we get a significant snowfall, the town really drops the ball on my street as well as most of the streets in my neighborhood. I live on a dead end street Last year during the biggest snowfall we had, they came in the middle of the storm (as they did this year) but they never came back. It was 3 days of solid ice ruts made from our car tracks that were impassable with a car. I took my 4wd down to the police station and cited it as a safety hazard because firetrucks and police cars would not be able to get down my street in an emergency...still nothing.
The following monday I left a message and emailed public works (there email was out of order and their messages went unanswered all weekend) and someone finally came and did "retribution plowing" They destroyed my landscaping and left it an obvious mess. (R/R ties sticking straight up in the air like the frame of a TeePee. I got my sreet cleared but at significant personal distress. This year I put up bright orange snow markers. That helped. I still had to call to get my road plowed but they came at 9:00 PM on Monday. I had no idea other roads had been clear for the whole day. It was like armageddon back here

I think the picture of High Street facing Main St sent in by Chris is a perfect example.

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