Board of Education Prepares Difficult Budget for Years ahead

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The difficulties of the U.S. economy are reflected in so many ways in our town--but perhaps none more so than the budgets of the Borough and the Board of Education. Our four-school district has a lot on its plate this year--in creating their next year's budget, they must face a variety of challenges unlike any they have seen in the last few years. Without state aid, the discussions now range to what programs must be cut, minimized or subsidized by families rather than paid for by the Borough. Sure, these are problems facing most school districts around the country--nonetheless, the budget hearings will illuminate just how hard it is to maintain quality in the face of disintegrating economic help. But Metuchen isn't going to back down--instead they are facing their difficulties straight on.

The Budget schedule is here. Next up is a discussion on, among other things, transportation. Bussing is a big issue. At last night's Campbell/Moss PTO meeting, Board member Jonathan Lifton asked that all interested citizens come to the meetings in order to air their views and make sure that the Board can take their suggestions into consideration during this important and very challenging budget preparation.
Walking past the former music room in Campbell School which is now home to two large first grade classes (which will be needed as this particularly full class continues its way through the elementary school), we have to wonder: when Moss was K-2 and Campbell was 3-5, was there a better use of space? What would happen if the Board of Ed moved from Moss School, opening up their office space for classroom space again, and rented a spot on Main Street, where they would be in the midst of the business district, close to all four schools? Is there a landlord out there who would be willing to help the district out, provide great space at a good price, so that the school buildings could be used only for teaching? In such a small district, one would think that the town as a whole would be supportive of making whatever changes must be made in order to keep the district running smoothly. 

The priorities of space and curricula as well as operating costs, including staff and personnel needs, are going to be addressed by the District in the budget discussions. Check out this link for the schedule and be sure to attend a Board of Education meeting if any of these issues offers concern for you. Don't forget that taxpayer money is being spent on the schools in this district and all taxpayers have a say. So speak up and help the Board of Education make this budget process a truly democratic one.

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Thank you for the information!

I think the link to the budget schedule is broken, though. When I click it I get a page not found error..

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