Fred Hall of the DPW Answers Complaints about Snow Removal

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In one particular forum where the public debate has raged regarding the DPW's response to the heavy snow this winter, Fred Hall filed his official statement about this winter's difficult situation. Here is his statement in full:

Please allow me to set the record straight. In order to properly plow and remove the snow from any street in town, we ask that (whenever possible) all vehicles be removed so that we can provide the best service due to you. Last Thursday, the day of the storm every street was plowed. Unfortunately there were certain areas that have been mentioned that were difficult to plow as a result of parked vehicles. To the residents of Jefferson condominiums I apologize for your inconvenience, however we have made several attempts to carefully plow between the narrow path of cars lined on both sides of Newman street. I have been in direct contact with the property management eagerly requesting assistance and compliance so that we could help your situation and expedite a permanant solution. They mentioned to me that they saw the situation before, during and after the storm and agreed with us that the vehicles must be removed and that they have similar complaints with other properties that they manage. 

After days of salting and cautiously scraping we took it upon ourselves yesterday after the ice storm and (without a PD order) we re-plowed every street and gave attention to areas where cars were originally parked. I can not emphasize enough the difficulty and additional work that is involved in dealing with vehicles parked in the street during and after a snow storm, especially one of significant accumulations. Additionally, our department does an excellent job in providing an uninterrupted service to ensure that curbside collection is not hindered in the midst of the storm.

What do you think? Was your street significantly cleared? Have your neighbors been trying this winter to be helpful or not? Send us your story!

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It is so way so easy to gripe. I have heard a number of people shout. "I pay enough taxes around here" to try and impress as to why snow removal should be better. Now who is anyone kidding? Sure, we can increase the staffing, the trucks, the overtime. And our taxes too. Me, I do not want my taxes to go up more then 2% per annum again. So my answer is no. All the roads in this town are passable. Find a place to park your car off of the street.

The people of the Jersey Shore would have been envious of the passable steets in this town, Especially the big townships. They never seem to get it right anywhere in NJ. Too much corruption I say be grateful for the job done. One community around here spent $200K on a snow melter which I read is a joke and a big waste of money yet, another community can not even plow most of the roads. That's been known for years. If I had to choose in the upcoming budget crunch between Saturday and Sunday openings of the Metuchen library and keeping the roads plowed. The lights are going to be dark from now on in that library on those days. The safety of my family comes first before someone's intellectual pleasures. End of story. Well done DPW with the resources you have at hand and continue to keep my taxes down.

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