Snow Plows and Resignations at the Borough Council Meeting Tonight

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The look on Council President Pete Cammarrano's face said it all--shock and awe were employed heftily at last night's Borough Council meeting. After a long meeting on many topics, Councilman Justin Manley dropped a big bomb on the proceedings, namely that he won't be seeking another term and that he, not wanting to be a lame duck, has decided to tender a resignation to his station at the next Council meeting.

Discussions on the state legislation regarding public access television stations and a call from the Mayor to the public to write to him or attend the next Council meeting to discuss what could be improved regarding the snow plow situation in town were trumped by the last event of the evening, Justin Manley's admitting that personal and professional obligations are becoming more pressing and that his time and energy for the Council and his jobs within its circle are falling short of his expectations. Manley would have had to apply to run again early this spring.

What do you think about this news? Are you surprised? Once Manley was the only Republican on the Council, did you sense that his energies were being directed another way? Who do you think will replace him and how will this alter further the already-shaken-up Council at this time, when massive budget cuts threaten so much that we've become accustomed to in our small town?

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Now we have our very own Sarah Palin.

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