What Does Being a Transit Village Do for Metuchen?

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Metuchen is one of New Jersey's 20 designated Transit Villages--in statistical analyses recently completed on these twenty towns, there is an association between  the designation and seeing an increase in property values. Take a look at this NJ.com article which stresses that the designation does NOT lead to successful increases of residential values necessarily. However, the designation has helped Metuchen out, according to Mayor Thomas Vahalla, by helping it qualify for and be awarded numerous grants and other funding, which will be helpful to town development.

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The terms association bothers me. I personally feel someone is making a stretch there just like saying mergers save money. Anyone merger that ever was done in this state so far cost money with no proven savings. Don't think the people of Ocean Grove feel they are better off merged with Neptune after the December storm buried them for over a week.

I think the transit village concept is necessary from a work stance and that is it. However, people making 100K a year ain't taking a bus, That said, someone has got to ask about the maintenance associated with the village concept. Anyone look lately at the filth around the bus stop shelters and the buses that park at the front to Penn Avenue blocking the walkways? We need a little work here on that

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