Edwin Frank at Raconteur March 10th

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8 PM, Thurs. March 10 

Editorial Director of NYRB Classics

"How many of us, at the end of our working days, will be able to say with certainty that something we did made the world a better place? Edwin Frank is one of the lucky few..." The Washington Post. The NYRB Classics series is designedly and determinedly exploratory and eclectic, a mix of fiction and non-fiction from different eras and times and of various sorts (literature high, low, unsuspected, and unheard of). The series includes new translations of canonical figures; fiction by modern and contemporary masters; tales of crime and punishment; masterpieces of narrative history and literary criticism, poetry, travel writing, biography, cookbooks; and unclassifiable classics on the order of J. R. Ackerley's My Dog Tulip. Last fall they published their first graphic novel, Poem Strip by Dino Buzzati, translated into English for the first time. Two of their 2010 publishing highlights are William Lindsay Gresham's noir opus, Nightmare Alley; and The Road, the first English language translation of selected writings by Vasily Grossman. The New York Times called The New York Review of Books (the prestigious periodical connected to the series) "the country's most successful intellectual journal." Taken as a whole, NYRB Classics is a series of books of unrivaled variety and quality for discerning and adventurous readers. FREE! Comp wine. NYRB books on sale at event. 

8 PM.

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