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In the early aughts, Miranda Kennedy, a young reporter living in New York City, relocated to India, where a British great-aunt had served as a missionary and where her own parents had lived during the early years of their marriage. She stayed for half a decade, becoming a foreign correspondent for American Public Media's Marketplace and National Public Radio. Click During her time there, Kennedy is drawn into the lives of several Indian women, including her charismatic friend Geeta--a self-described "modern girl" who attempts to squeeze herself into the traditional role of wife and mother; Radha, a proud Brahmin widow who denies herself simple pleasures in order to live by high-caste Hindu principles; and Parvati, who defiantly chain-smokes and drinks whiskey, yet feels compelled to keep her boyfriend a secret from her family. 

Local photographer KYO MORISHIMA will be highlighting the event with beautiful pictures from India, in which people are riding SIDEWAYS ON A SCOOTER!

2 PM, Sat. April 30


Chalk Talk/Reading/Signing--
Join Patrick as he reads from his eighth children's book, ME...JANE, the story of the young Jane Goodall and her toy chimpanzee Jubilee, then sketches Earl, Mooch, and dozens of other characters on a giant architect's pad, chronicling their creation and answering questions as he draws. Books on sale at the event. FREE! Books on sale at event. 

Forum Theater's Stars on Stage Students Perform This Weekend

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The Forum Theatre's Stars on Stage Students in:


 Stars on Stage students perform songs from classic and contemporary Broadway Shows such as Guys and Dolls, West Side Story, Peter Pan, Wicked and Hairspray

Performances are Friday April 29 and Saturday April 30 at 7:30pm
 Sunday May 1 at 2pm

All seats are $14 and are reserved. 

To order tickets online please go to www.forumtheatrearts.org

Board of Ed Elections & School Budget Vote Results are IN

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The 2011 Board of Education elections have been completed. The three incumbent Board members have won back their seats and Metuchen has approved the school budget. Here are the numbers at this time. Absentee votes are yet to be counted so the projected winners pending absentee ballots are as follows:

Arthur Flaherty, Jr. - 1181 votes
Jackie Gibson - 1018 votes
Dan Benderly - 999 votes
Mark Camera - 769 votes

School Budget

Yes = 1118
No   =  553

Metuchen Matters will update these totals when the absentee votes are in and everything is official. We estimate that the percentage of registered voters who turned out for this election was about 22%, 5% estimated to be absentee voters. Why can't we get more residents to come out and vote for something that is so important to our community?? MM would love to know what you think! You can comment here or check out our Facebook page.

Metuchen Matters would like to thank the candidates for their participation in our election coverage and we wish all the candidates well in their future endeavors.


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Polls are open from 2-9PM today, Wednesday, April 27, at all voting stations in the district. There are four candidates for three seats on the Board of Education and the budget will be voted on as well. For more information on the candidates, please read through the interviews and profiles on this page and click through the links in the candidates' ads. For budget information, click this link.

The Board of Education Candidates Answer Our Questions

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We asked the four candidates three questions which they have answered for our readers, as well as sending in profiles that help to explain their backgrounds and their reasons for running for the Board. We hope that this information helps to give you a clearer view of what each candidate stands for so that you will come out on Election Day next Wednesday and vote for the candidates you feel best represent the hopes and needs of our district. We have arranged them in alphabetical order so please read all the way down the page to access all their information. Come out on Election Day and be a well-informed voter--your property taxes are being spent on their ideas so it is worth it for every available voter to make their presence known!

For additional information, please check out the Metuchen Parent-Teacher Council's Meet the Candidates' Night video on METV. This video is also available through the Metuchen Schools and Borough websites, available through links on this page. If a candidate furnished us with profile information, it is noted at the end of their answer page.

Candidate Dan Benderley Answers Our Questions

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1. If a number of more experienced educators in the district retire this year, what will you consider to be the most important requirements for new hires?

We have seen a number of our most experienced educators retire over the course of this last year, and I expect that, given the atmosphere and changes ongoing in Trenton, this trend will continue.

As we replace these valued members of our school community, we need to make sure that we take advantage of the best that the current market has to offer.  While the Board does not directly participate in the hiring of educators other than the Superintendent, I believe that we should be looking for educators that have: deep knowledge and certifications in their subject areas; a commitment and passion for teaching; training and experience in differentiated instruction; and a belief that every child can learn

2. What do you think will be the role of guidance counselors in the district? Is there a benefit to providing guidance to kids regarding their academic progress well before they enter high school?

Guidance counselors play an extremely important role in our district, and in the lives of our students. They provide a range of support services for our students, whether in times of trouble or preparing for their triumphs. 

One of the roles of guidance counselors is to help students plan their individual academic program through our school system and beyond, be it college, the work force, or the military.  I have been serving on the Curriculum Committee where we have been advocating for the development of an integrated Guidance Curriculum encompassing grades 6-12. While we do not want to put too much pressure on our students at a young age, I believe that it is very important for parents to understand how choices made at Edgar School or even earlier may affect opportunities later in the High School. 

3. What structural improvements on the district schools are of the utmost priority now, with overcrowding at Campbell and a growing population of young families in town?

We are fortunate in Metuchen to have had the support of the community over the last 15 years in rebuilding our schools and infrastructure, so that we now have modern, up to date facilities for the education of our children.    Our main challenge in this time of severe budgetary pressures is to resist the temptation to defer necessary maintenance, and to find the resources to continue to maintain these facilities in good condition.

We have had to deal with an unusually large first grade this year of almost 190 student, as compared to an average class of around 150-160.  As a result, we have had to convert the Music Room at Campbell to two classrooms.  Fortunately, our kindergarten class this year has reverted back to an average size.  In addition to accommodating this group as it moves through our system, we will need to continue to monitor our enrolment trends to determine whether there is a sustained trend towards larger classes, which may require permanent facility changes, or whether we can continue to accommodate our needs through creative solutions, minimizing the fiscal impact on our taxpayers.

For personal information on this candidate, check out Dan's profile on the next page.


Candidate Mark Camera Answers Our Questions

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1. If a number of more experienced educators in the district retire this
year, what will you consider to be the most important requirements for new

Obviously, we want to attract and hire the most qualified, engaged and 
enthusiastic teachers available.  Teachers that are up on the latest 
teaching methods and know how to effectively use technology to relate to 
their students.
 We need to rely on our School Administration to put together a qualified 
review panel consisting 
of the School Superintendent, Director of Curriculum and the substantive 
Departmental Supervisors to interview potential teaching candidates.  The 
review panel should ensure that the candidate has met a series of criteria,
including all required licensure and certifications required for teaching 
in New Jersey.  The candidate should illustrate qualified pre-service
 preparation, should have a history of participating in professional
 development in their area of expertise and should be able to provide a
 number of strong references both professionally and personally.

2. What do you think will be the role of guidance counselors in the
 district? Is there a benefit to providing guidance to kids regarding their
 academic progress well before they enter high school?

The role of our guidance counselors is to provide a means of talking to and
 advising our students in connection with their current academic progress,
as well as their future goals and aspirations.  Going to school has been 
and continues to be a challenging environment for many children. Counselors
 should provide a means of helping the students through various issues that 
affect them, including academic, social and athletic.  I feel that it is
 never too early to get kids thinking about career aspirations.  I believe 
that counselors should always encourage students to work towards and 
applying for college, and as much as possible, to a four year institution,
 as a foundation for a solid career. This should involve early advise in
Middle School on academic preparation as it relates to college admission.

But on the other hand, the counselor also needs to understand the
socio-economic conditions that the student may be dealing with and be 
flexible enough to tailor their career advice accordingly.

3. What structural improvements on the district schools are of the utmost
 priority now, with overcrowding at Campbell and a growing population of
 young families in town? 

I believe that the School Administration should review of the existing 
Campbell Middle School floor plans and develop an analysis regarding the 
efficiency of how the existing classrooms are currently used.  With this
 analysis, it may be possible to develop a operational solution which 
involves creative ways to manage the classroom environment and avoid having
 to build any new classrooms.  We also need the Administration to try and
 verify if the overcrowding appears to be a short term situation or if this 
is a new demographic condition which may be in Metuchen for an extended 
time.  Results of these analysis should help guide the School
Administration on the most cost effective way to move forward and mitigate 
the current and possible future overcrowding at Campbell.

For profile information on this candidate, please check out the next page.

Candidate Arthur Flaherty, Sr Answers Our Questions

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1. If a number of more experienced educators in the district retire this year, what will you consider to be the most important requirements for new hires?

I think that we must continue to do what we have done in the recent passed. We must continue to support Ms. Sinata and her staff and to encourage the hiring of experienced teachers who are out there looking for jobs do to other school districts' budgetary struggles.

2. What do you think will be the role of guidance counselors in the district? Is there a benefit to providing guidance to kids regarding their academic progress well before they enter high school?

Part 2 of your question is very important all to often parents do not understand the importance of participating in the scheduling process when their child is going to enter high school. It is important for parents to sit down with the guidance counselors so they will understand how what they pick after listening to the guidance counselors recommendations will effect what honors or AP classes their child will be eligible for. And has what I think the guidance counselors role in our district will be. The guidance counselors at the high school wear many hats and it changes from day to day. Not only are they responsible to help our student be prepared to apply and get accepted to college but they must also listen and point our children in the right direction when they are experiencing personal problems. the counselors must also be prepared to lend advice to parents and help guide them thru the college process and while doing all of the above must continue to challenge our students by preparing a schedule of classes that will get them closer to what it is that the student and their family wish to accomplish. I must say that I think the guidance staff in all our schools go above and beyond.

3. What structural improvements on the district schools are of the utmost priority now, with overcrowding at Campbell and a growing population of young families in town?

I feel the most important thing for us as a board is to continue to place emphasis on making sure we keep the class sizes where they are and to continue to find spaces for teachers in our buildings to allow for the class sizes we currently have.   I also think it is very important to continue the current maintenance schedule to ensure our buildings do not become neglected and if we could become a little more self sufficient in snow removal next year I think this might be somewhere we can save some money. 

Candidate Jacqueline J. "Jackie" Gibson Answers Our Questions

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1. If a number of more experienced educators in the district retire this year, what will you consider to be the most important requirements for new hires?

The most important requirement for new hires is that they be able to meet the educational needs of the students. The superintendent will recommend candidates she feels meet those needs and it will be the board's job to approve the money to hire them and to pay for any professional development that the superintendent feels necessary to blend them into the Metuchen school system. Generally, when new teachers are being hired, their certifications, experience, education, and interviews are the main factors. It is a bonus when new hires can teach more than one type of class because that gives the district flexibility in planning course offerings and adjusting to changes in state core curriculum requirements.

2. What do you think will be the role of guidance counselors in the district? Is there a benefit to providing guidance to kids regarding their academic progress well before they enter high school?

The role of guidance counselors is and will continue to be different in the High School and Edgar due to the different ages and needs of the students in the two schools. In the early years at Edgar, the guidance counselors have an important role helping students adjust to life as middle schoolers. In eighth grade, the counselors assist the students and their families in selecting courses for high school. In the high school, the guidance counselors assist the students in planning for post-high school life. For most Metuchen students, this means being guided through the college application process, but may sometimes mean help planning for vocational training, a job, or the military. The guidance counselors at both Edgar and the High School are also involved in helping students with educational, disciplinary and personal problems that may arise.

This past year, I have been a member of the Curriculum Committee. In the Curriculum Committee, there has been discussion of instituting a 6th through 12th grade guidance curriculum which is currently being developed by the guidance staff. Beginning the formal guidance process in middle school can help students and their families plan for the high school course of study that will lead them to the post-high school plan they desire. Beginning the guidance process in middle school also help students develop a sense of career awareness earlier in life and gives them an understanding of the importance of co-curricular activities in high school.

3. What structural improvements on the district schools are of the utmost priority now, with overcrowding at Campbell and a growing population of young families in town?

It has been a number of years since the district had a demographic study to predict the future enrollment. I am not sure these studies have been very reliable when we have had them.

Enrollment can swell and decrease in waves. While the kindergarten class of 2009-10 was unusually large and required 8 sections, this year's kindergarten class is a more typical 137 students, with 6 sections, as has been the size of most kindergartens since 2000.  It remains to be seen if the district is experiencing a long-lasting enrollment increase, as opposed to a temporary increase.  A lot may depend on the size of the kindergarten class of 2011-12.

The Campbell population is about 40 more students than when the two classroom addition was put on the school about 6 years ago, but about 30 of those students can be accounted for with the large first grade in there now. If it is determined that enrollment is on a long-term uptick, I am sure a number of ideas will be considered by the Superintendent, the Board, and the public. Ideas that were considered in years past included moving the Board of Education offices to rental space so there would be room to move first grade to Moss School, or adding on to Campbell School. The taxpayers of Metuchen have generously supported the schools with two major referenda to improve and expand our buildings in the past 15 years. With this in mind, I would consider any further referendum to be an option of last resort.

Other than issues of limited space at Campbell, the schools are in pretty good shape because a pro-active maintenance plan has been in place for a number of years. In the past few years there have been major roof replacements and repairs, window replacements, and parking lot re-pavement at various schools.

Please access Jackie's biographical information through the ad on this page.

Non-Resident Pool Applications Now Available

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Check out this link for the non-resident applications for the Metuchen Municipal Pool. Anyone not residing in Metuchen at this time is eligible to apply.

Resume Writing for Teens at Library April 21st

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On Thursday, April 21 at 1 PM, the Metuchen Public Library will host A Snapshot of You, a free teen resume-writing class designed especially for students in 9th through 12th grade. It's never too early to think about how to present yourself on paper for different occasions: for special high school programs, for interviews with prospective colleges, for part-time jobs, and even when applying for internships while you are at college.

During this hands-on workshop, participants will learn the important components of a good resume and how to explore opportunities that build experience during the teen years. Sample student resumes will be distributed and each participant will have a chance to work in small groups to begin to outline his/her personal resume.

You'll leave the workshop equipped to write a resume, which you can use and tailor throughout your high school and college careers. Space is limited; Metuchen residents only.  Register by calling the Library on 732.632.8526 or writing the Young Adult Librarian at KLiss@Lmxac.org.

Newly-Announced Roster of Employees at Parking Authority

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Have a problem with your parking downtown? Here's who to call. Check out this link for the roster of all employees and associates at the Metuchen Parking Authority. They've also published their Mission Statement.

The Forum Theatre's Stars on Stage Students in: BROADWAY BOUND!

 Stars on Stage students perform songs from classic and contemporary Broadway Shows such as Guys and Dolls, West Side Story, Peter Pan, Wicked and Hairspray

Performances are Friday April 29 and Saturday April 30 at 7:30pm
 Sunday May 1 at 2pm

All seats are $14 and are reserved. 

Please support our students who have worked so hard over the last several months by telling friends, family and even relatives you don't talk to anymore to buy tickets. It might be a nice way to mend family ties! By purchasing tickets you're also helping to support our Stars on Stage program dedicated to teaching kids the art of musical theatre. 

To order tickets online please click through the Forum ad on this page.

Starts Friday April 14 


Starring Juliette Binoche

Juliette Binoche won the Best Actress prize in Cannes for her performance in this playful and provocative romantic drama from legendary auteur Abbas Kiarostami (TASTE OF CHERRY, THE WIND WILL CARRY US), his first feature made outside of Iran. Binoche plays a gallery owner living in a Tuscan village who attends a lecture by a British author (opera star William Shimell) on authenticity and fakery in art. Afterward, she invites him on a tour of the countryside, during which he is mistaken for her husband. They keep up the pretense and continue on their afternoon out, discussing love, life and art, and increasingly behaving like a long-married couple. But are they play-acting on a whim or is there more to their seemingly new relationship than meets the eye?

Friday 7:30 Saturday 5:30 & 7:30 Sunday 4 & 6pm
1hr 46m

8 pm, Sat. April 16



Shodo/Photography Exhibit/Reading--Raising Funds for Earthquake Relief through Documentary Photographs and Shodo Calligraphy

David Heinlein will exhibit fifty of his Shodo works on ancient wood and mulberry paper, and read poetry in Japanese (with subsequent translation) from his book, Wild Seeds. In 1969, at 22, Heinlein first went to Kyoto on The Amherst-Doshisha Fellowship. He became and Instructor of English at the university and traveled extensively in Japan and throughout Southeast Asia as well as in the Okinawa Islands. His first book, "Wild Seeds," bi-lingual essays and poems in English and Japanese, was written and published in 1984 while Heinlein was working in Japan. In 1992 he began teaching Japanese at Middlesex and Union County Colleges. Heinlein is a Black Belt Third Degree in Martial Arts of Japanese Origin and Aikido, and has been doing Japanese calligraphy for more than twenty-five years.

 "I take hundreds of pictures of quiet, personal, simple moments whenever I return home to Japan," says Kyo Morishima. "At a time now when the word 'Japan' evokes a monumental tragedy and disaster, I thought the images of children playing, monks sweeping stairs, people going about their everyday business would be a humanizing counterpoint to all the news headlines." Morishima was a college student in the United States when the Kobe earthquake struck in 1995, destroying his parents' house and large swaths of his hometown. Morishima will sell framed prints and Heinlein will sell books of Japanese poetry. Both will donate 100% of the proceeds for Japanese earthquake victims. Heinlein will also sell his Shodo work and donate a percentage to benefit Japan. Complimentary wine.

Annual Spring Egg Hunt Event April 16

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easter egg.jpeg

Here comes Peter Cottontail arriving in Metuchen just in time for the Annual Spring Egg Hunt on April 16th!  There will be plastic eggs filled with candy and some special prize eggs.  Bring a basket or bag to collect your eggs. 

The hunt will begin at 9:00 am sharp, at Myrtle Field, Myrtle Park.  In the event of inclement weather, the hunt will be cancelled. 

Happy Spring, everybody!

From the YMCA:

The YMCA of Metuchen, Edison, Woodbridge & South Amboy announces the selection of former First Lady of New Jersey, Lucinda Florio, as the next YMCA Board President (term to begin May 2012) and the awarding of two prominent and influential community members to receive the Peter J. Barnes, Jr. Community Champion Award and the Charles S. Edgar Memorial Award. Honors will be presented on May 11, 2011 at the YMCA Annual Dinner Meeting at the Pines Manor in Edison, New Jersey.


Lucinda Florio

Lucinda and husband Governor James Florio moved to Metuchen in 1994. Lucinda quickly got involved in the local community. Having dedicated much of her life to childhood education and advocacy, she joined the YMCA Board of directors in 2001. She has been an active YMCA volunteer, leading two successful Capital Building Campaigns for the Edison Branch YMCA and serving on the Child Care Branch committee guiding and supporting the work of this group in our community. In 2009, Lucinda received the Charles S. Edgar Award honoring her as an outstanding YMCA volunteer. Lucinda will serve a 3 year term as YMCA board President beginning, May 2011.


"Lucinda will be an outstanding and effective Board President. Her leadership, passion and commitment to the mission of the YMCA will be critical s the Y continues to strengthen the foundations of our communities, said Bill Lovett, CEO YMCA of Metuchen, Edison, Woodbridge & South Amboy.

David Wheeler's New Book Offers Adventures for Spring

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Thumbnail image for Dismal-Swamp_entrance.jpg

From David Wheeler:

With spring just around the corner, a newly published book, "Wild New Jersey: Nature Adventures in the Garden State," offers a range of outdoor adventures accessible to everyone from weekend warriors to families and seniors enjoying a leisurely day outside.  In addition to the book, the author - nature writer David Wheeler - is visiting over 40 different locations throughout the spring and summer to promote New Jerseyans getting outdoors to enjoy nature. 

"In these times when the Internet and digital cable television bring almost everything directly to our screens, there is one irreplaceable feature that can only be experienced by getting outdoors - the active engagement of our five senses," says Wheeler.  "Contrary to the stereotypes, no state in America offers a broader range of outdoor activities and wildlife than New Jersey.  The Garden State offers spectacular adventures for every season and every region, for avid wildlife enthusiasts and families alike.  With 'Wild New Jersey,' readers can find that perfect nearby outdoor destination just waiting to be explored."

15th Annual Spring Street Fair & Craft Show Call for Exhibitors

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On Sunday, June 5, 2011, the Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce will host the 15th Annual Spring Street Fair & Craft Show along Main and New Streets in downtown Metuchen, from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Admission is free.  Over 120 Artists, Crafters and Vendors will be participating.  Exhibitor applications are available by visiting the Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce website at www.metuchenchamber.com or by calling 732-548-2964.

Mel Glenn Visits Public Library Sunday April 10

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In celebration of both National Library Week and National Poetry Month, the Friends of the Metuchen Public Library presents A Visit with Poet/Author Mel Glenn on Sunday, April 10 at 2 PM at the Library.  Mr. Glenn is the author of over ten books for young adults, including Class Dismissed!, Who Killed Mr. Chippendale?, and Jump Ball. Mel Glenn began writing the novel-in-verse long before it became a popular format for Young Adult fiction. His works have won many awards including the Christopher Award and the Golden Kiter Award, and the American Library Association has recognized many of Glenn's titles as Best Books for Young Adults.

For over thirty years, Mel Glenn taught English Literature and Writing at Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn.  A Visit with the Poet/Author will feature Glenn's story of his transition from teacher to writer, readings from his books, and ideas and inspirations for writing poetry. Books will be available for purchase and signing. Refreshments will be served. The program is free and open to adults, teens and tweens. For more information, call the Library on 732.632.8526 or write KLiss@Lmxac.org. 

TONIGHT: Magic Show for the Kids, Aimee Mann for Music Fans

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aimeemann.jpgTonight kids can enjoy a magic show by Famous Dave at Campbell School at 7:30 PM--tickets are $7 for one adult and one child together--for the benefit of the Metuchen Municipal Alliance. Then adults can enjoy an evening of the incomparable music of singer/songwriter Aimee Mann at the Forum. That show starts at 8 and there may be a few tickets lying around at the box office so get them now! Eat at a downtown restaurant and really make a night of it! TGIF!

Junebug Festival Announces Their Committee Lineups

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If you are looking to be involved in Junebug this coming June, these are the residents/artists that you need to see! Check out this list and read what's the latest on the Junebug Arts Festival, a grand new tradition for downtown Metuchen.

DINE DOWNTOWN METUCHEN April 2011 Campaign All Month

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As we wish a sad goodbye to Spice Melange (MM will miss that lunch buffet!) and Able Lock & Key, we welcome a new Italian restaurant, Tooley's Burgers, a new party supply store and something going into the old computer repair place on Main Street. As one door closes, another opens . . . onto a whole new batch of possibilities for downtown development. The changing face of downtown is changing again.

This month, the Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce announces DINE DOWNTOWN METUCHEN 2011 event for the month of April. Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce Restaurant Members have joined together to offer Prix Fixe dinner specials on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings during the month of April. Diners can choose from 18 Metuchen area restaurants. Prices for the Prix Fixe dinners cover 3 price points: $15 or less, $25 or less & $35 or less. The multiple price options provide diners with choices. Whether you want to go out for a pizza dinner with the family or a romantic dinner for two, there is an April special from which to choose. "It is wonderful to offer this program to the community. As the weather warms up, people are looking to get out of the house. This provides a fun and reasonably priced opportunity to dine downtown. And it may entice folks to check out a restaurant they haven't tried before. While the April program focuses on our restaurants, additional foot traffic downtown will benefit many of our Chamber members. It's a win-win for all," said Helene Zahn, Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce President. 

The Board of Education Meet the Candidates Night presented by the Metuchen Parent Teacher Council was a great success, with a variety of topics addressed and an opportunity for viewers to see and hear a little about the experiences of the candidates broadcast on METV. Check out this link in case you missed the original broadcast--the panel event will be broadcast throughout the coming weeks during the election campaign.

Metuchen Matters has contacted and invited all four candidates to answer some additional questions with their profiles on this site in the coming weeks. We hope that our readers will comment freely, here or on Facebook, and be part of the informed community discussion on the future of our school district.

Meet the Board of Ed Candidates Tonight at MHS 7 PM

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Tonight at the Metuchen High School cafeteria the four candidates for the Board of Education will take questions from community members. Metuchen Matters has contacted all four candidates and three of them have agreed at this time to be profiled on our site. We will be asking them three questions as well that aren't posed to them this evening. After tonight's event, if you have an additional question you think we should ask the candidates, please send it to us! METV will run the event live tonight so everyone is invited to attend, in person or at home! Remember, you vote for the budget and the board members later this month so be informed!

New Police Chief to be Sworn in Tonight at Council Meeting

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At the borough council meeting tonight, Mayor Thomas Vahalla will swear-in new Metiuchen Chief of Police Captain Robert Rentenberg. He will take his oath in front of the council live tonight on METV at 7:30. The captain is a graduate of the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, and he will be the first in command of Metuchen's 25-officer department. Last week, Chief James Keane officially retired after 30 years with the department, 12 of those as chief. Captain Rentenberg is a Metuchen resident, a 22-year veteran of the department, with 12 years as a captain. Formerly, he was a sergeant in both the detective and patrol divisions.

Aimee Mann at the Forum April 8--Tickets Almost Gone!

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Aimee Mann

Friday, April 8th 8 p.m.

Tickets $45

 From her work in the 80's with MTV favorite Til Tuesday through her acclaimed solo discs "Whatever" and "I'm With Stupid" in the 90s, Aimee Mann has always been at the forefront of contemporary songwriters. The close of the millennium brought her greatest success, with the simultaneous releases of Bachelor No. 2 and the soundtrack to the film Magnolia, which garnered nominations for an Oscar, a Golden Globe and three Grammys. After a decade in which her music often took a backseat to corporate mergers and contractual obligations, the message was clear: Aimee Mann is here to stay.


Runner's High and Hailey's Form A Running Club--Shape Up Now!

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Looking for motivation or assistance preparing for the Fuce 5K Metuchen Family Fun Run/Walk?  Starting April 7th and continuing every Thursday until May 16th, Hailey's and Runner's High is sponsoring a running club.  The club will meet at Hailey's at 6:30 pm and run the race course.  After the run, participants will be treated to a light buffet at Hailey's and 10% discount off their bill.  Runner's High will offer participants in the club a store discount and a running club t-shirt.

 The running club will prepare participants for the Fuce 5K, but may continue after the race.  The race, the Fuce 5K Metuchen Family Fun Run/Walk, will be held Saturday, June 18, 2011 at 8:30 a.m.  The course will begin and end at the Pearl Street parking lot in downtown Metuchen and will wind race participants through the community.

Racers can register in advance at Runner's High, online at www.fuce5.com or by printing out the registration form online and mailing it to Fuccile Foundation, PO Box 453, Metuchen, NJ 08840.   Families can also register race day from 7-8 a.m.  Early registrants will receive a complimentary race t-shirt.

For more information regarding the race, sponsorship opportunities or volunteering, please contact the committee at www.fuce5.com.  The race committee members are Michael Bradley, Scott Brooks, Stacey Derector, Jay Galeota, Nancy Fuccile and James Schleck.

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