Candidate Arthur Flaherty, Sr Answers Our Questions

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1. If a number of more experienced educators in the district retire this year, what will you consider to be the most important requirements for new hires?

I think that we must continue to do what we have done in the recent passed. We must continue to support Ms. Sinata and her staff and to encourage the hiring of experienced teachers who are out there looking for jobs do to other school districts' budgetary struggles.

2. What do you think will be the role of guidance counselors in the district? Is there a benefit to providing guidance to kids regarding their academic progress well before they enter high school?

Part 2 of your question is very important all to often parents do not understand the importance of participating in the scheduling process when their child is going to enter high school. It is important for parents to sit down with the guidance counselors so they will understand how what they pick after listening to the guidance counselors recommendations will effect what honors or AP classes their child will be eligible for. And has what I think the guidance counselors role in our district will be. The guidance counselors at the high school wear many hats and it changes from day to day. Not only are they responsible to help our student be prepared to apply and get accepted to college but they must also listen and point our children in the right direction when they are experiencing personal problems. the counselors must also be prepared to lend advice to parents and help guide them thru the college process and while doing all of the above must continue to challenge our students by preparing a schedule of classes that will get them closer to what it is that the student and their family wish to accomplish. I must say that I think the guidance staff in all our schools go above and beyond.

3. What structural improvements on the district schools are of the utmost priority now, with overcrowding at Campbell and a growing population of young families in town?

I feel the most important thing for us as a board is to continue to place emphasis on making sure we keep the class sizes where they are and to continue to find spaces for teachers in our buildings to allow for the class sizes we currently have.   I also think it is very important to continue the current maintenance schedule to ensure our buildings do not become neglected and if we could become a little more self sufficient in snow removal next year I think this might be somewhere we can save some money. 

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