Benefit for Japan At the Raconteur with David Heinlein + Kyo Morishima Saturday

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8 pm, Sat. April 16



Shodo/Photography Exhibit/Reading--Raising Funds for Earthquake Relief through Documentary Photographs and Shodo Calligraphy

David Heinlein will exhibit fifty of his Shodo works on ancient wood and mulberry paper, and read poetry in Japanese (with subsequent translation) from his book, Wild Seeds. In 1969, at 22, Heinlein first went to Kyoto on The Amherst-Doshisha Fellowship. He became and Instructor of English at the university and traveled extensively in Japan and throughout Southeast Asia as well as in the Okinawa Islands. His first book, "Wild Seeds," bi-lingual essays and poems in English and Japanese, was written and published in 1984 while Heinlein was working in Japan. In 1992 he began teaching Japanese at Middlesex and Union County Colleges. Heinlein is a Black Belt Third Degree in Martial Arts of Japanese Origin and Aikido, and has been doing Japanese calligraphy for more than twenty-five years.

 "I take hundreds of pictures of quiet, personal, simple moments whenever I return home to Japan," says Kyo Morishima. "At a time now when the word 'Japan' evokes a monumental tragedy and disaster, I thought the images of children playing, monks sweeping stairs, people going about their everyday business would be a humanizing counterpoint to all the news headlines." Morishima was a college student in the United States when the Kobe earthquake struck in 1995, destroying his parents' house and large swaths of his hometown. Morishima will sell framed prints and Heinlein will sell books of Japanese poetry. Both will donate 100% of the proceeds for Japanese earthquake victims. Heinlein will also sell his Shodo work and donate a percentage to benefit Japan. Complimentary wine.

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