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1. If a number of more experienced educators in the district retire this
year, what will you consider to be the most important requirements for new

Obviously, we want to attract and hire the most qualified, engaged and 
enthusiastic teachers available.  Teachers that are up on the latest 
teaching methods and know how to effectively use technology to relate to 
their students.
 We need to rely on our School Administration to put together a qualified 
review panel consisting 
of the School Superintendent, Director of Curriculum and the substantive 
Departmental Supervisors to interview potential teaching candidates.  The 
review panel should ensure that the candidate has met a series of criteria,
including all required licensure and certifications required for teaching 
in New Jersey.  The candidate should illustrate qualified pre-service
 preparation, should have a history of participating in professional
 development in their area of expertise and should be able to provide a
 number of strong references both professionally and personally.

2. What do you think will be the role of guidance counselors in the
 district? Is there a benefit to providing guidance to kids regarding their
 academic progress well before they enter high school?

The role of our guidance counselors is to provide a means of talking to and
 advising our students in connection with their current academic progress,
as well as their future goals and aspirations.  Going to school has been 
and continues to be a challenging environment for many children. Counselors
 should provide a means of helping the students through various issues that 
affect them, including academic, social and athletic.  I feel that it is
 never too early to get kids thinking about career aspirations.  I believe 
that counselors should always encourage students to work towards and 
applying for college, and as much as possible, to a four year institution,
 as a foundation for a solid career. This should involve early advise in
Middle School on academic preparation as it relates to college admission.

But on the other hand, the counselor also needs to understand the
socio-economic conditions that the student may be dealing with and be 
flexible enough to tailor their career advice accordingly.

3. What structural improvements on the district schools are of the utmost
 priority now, with overcrowding at Campbell and a growing population of
 young families in town? 

I believe that the School Administration should review of the existing 
Campbell Middle School floor plans and develop an analysis regarding the 
efficiency of how the existing classrooms are currently used.  With this
 analysis, it may be possible to develop a operational solution which 
involves creative ways to manage the classroom environment and avoid having
 to build any new classrooms.  We also need the Administration to try and
 verify if the overcrowding appears to be a short term situation or if this 
is a new demographic condition which may be in Metuchen for an extended 
time.  Results of these analysis should help guide the School
Administration on the most cost effective way to move forward and mitigate 
the current and possible future overcrowding at Campbell.

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Mark Camera--Profile Information


Bachelor of Architecture,

New York Institute of Technology, 1984

Licensed Architect, New York, 1989,

Reciprocity in New Jersey, 1992



Richard Dattner Architects, NYC, 1988-1993

United Nations, Project Architect, 1993 to present                                                    

Community and Volunteer Service:

·       Resident of Metuchen since 1991

·       Member of Metuchen School Construction Advisory Committee for the upgrades of Edgar, Campbell and MHS

·       Advised the Metuchen Department of Recreation on the design of the new Turf installation at Charles Field

·       Commissioner, Metuchen Men's Softball, 2000 to present.

·       Manager/Coach, Metuchen Little League, 2001-2008

·       Vice President, Metuchen Little League Girls Softball program, 2005 - 2008

·       Uniform Coordinator, Metuchen Little League, 2006-2008

·       Girls Travel Softball Manager, 2008-present



Wife:  Lisa Camera, Paraprofessional, Campbell Elementary School, 2005 to present


Children: Nicole, 14, Freshman Metuchen High School

                  Matthew, 12, 6th Grade, Edgar Middle School



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