The Lampshade: A Holocaust Detective Story at the Raconteur May 21st

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The Raconteur Presents

8 PM, Sat May 21

Reading/SigningTHE LAMPSHADE: A HOLOCAUST DETECTIVE STORY"A disquieting yet utterly fascinating account, artfully told, studded with characters that would have been impossible to invent." Jon Krakauer. Few growing up in the aftermath of World War II will ever forget the horrifying reports that Nazi concentration camp doctors had removed the skin of prisoners to make lampshades. In The Lampshade, bestselling journalist Mark Jacobson tells the story of how he came into possession of one of these awful objects, and of his search to establish the origin, and larger meaning, of what can only be described as an icon of terror.

Jacobson is a Contributing Editor at New York Magazine. In 2000, he published a profile of Frank Lucas, "once the city's biggest, baddest heroin kingpin"; this formed the basis for the Ridley Scott film, "American Gangster," starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe.To read more about Jacobson, click HERE. To read more about this event, click HERE and scroll down. FREE!

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