Bear cubs loose in town

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In town there have been deer spottings and even a few turkeys.  But never bears... until today.  From

Two bear cubs have been spotted in Metuchen this morning.

Patrolman David Liantonio said police began receiving calls about 7 a.m. of the bear sightings. He said the bears were spotted on Highland Avenue by Maple and Oak avenues and by Harvard Avenue. One cub is currently up a tree on Maple Avenue, Liantonio said.

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Residents have been alerted to keep their children and pets indoors.  If you have any information on the bears contact the Metuchen Police Department at 732-632-8500.

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Just to be accurate. Add fox and the deer sightings should be changed to deer residency. About 20 or side in a pride around Highland and Grove in the forest. As for the bears. What can once expect when for four years prior to this our State government took no effective measures on birth control for bears or other alternative measures forcing the current governor to cull (that's a civil word for organized shooting)to get the number back to 2005 levels when everyone said there was a problem developing. Result people getting mad both ways. Yet, what kills me the person directly responsible for finding a non-lethal solution ends up as EPA administrator in Washington while her boss Corzine losses his job in the election. Something ironic about that.

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