Republican Party Announces Slate of Candidates for Fall Elections

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In Metuchen, the candidates for Mayor and Borough Council for the Republican Party were decided in the primary election for the party.  The team of Peter Carpena (Mayor), Robert "Bob" James (Council), and Kieran Esposito (Council) ran unopposed.  They are running on issues of Open Government and Transparency with no more rubber stamped agendas. Where the people can take part in the decisions that are going on and can play a role in deciding the direction of the borough. They are for Fair Taxes for the community and believe Metuchen can be made much more Business Friendly, allowing businesses to thrive in downtown Metuchen.  They have many Community Enrichment initiatives planned including Safe & Clean streets, a Senior Center run by the seniors, best Schools policy and keeping the borough family friendly.

Peter Carpena with his wife Marlene, have been residents of Metuchen for 18 years. He has over 35 years of executive and business experience and currently owns "CU Realty Consultants". They have three grown children Jason, Justin and Jaime.

Peter Carpena migrated into the world of retail when his father, who came to this country from Malaga Spain in 1956, chose this field for its steady work. He remembers to this day one of his father's favorite sayings was "everyone has to eat". So during the summers, when they weren't traveling to see their relatives in Spain, he would spend his time honing his skills in the supermarket. His passion for retail lasted for over 30 years. Retailers are known for their tenacious attention to detail. Due to the fact that bottom line profitability directly correlates to how well you manage people, products & profits.

Peter believes in balancing the demands of an active career, with that of volunteer service is one of the most important things we as citizens can do. Whether it's coaching, sitting on a Board, cleaning up a park, or planting a tree, no matter what you choose, just get out and do it.

Peter has been an advocate of New Jersey Credit Unions since he deposited his first $20 dollar bill in a gray tin box at his Credit Union over 40 years ago. It was that small business environment and trustworthy service that inspired him to eventually embrace and fuel his passion for small businesses.

As a small business owner being part of the Metuchen Chamber of Commerce allows Peter to use his experience and assist small business owners in understanding the value of this important service to the Metuchen community.

Robert "Bob" James is the Director, Passenger Communication for NJTRANSIT for the last 7 years.  He has 26 years experience as an Electrical Engineer in Transportation and Defence industries including being a Faculty member at Virginia Tech.  He is a Member of Metuchen Transportation committee, President Community Nursery School Board, Member Board of the First Presbyterian Church of Metuchen, Soccer coach for Metuchen soccer, former Edgar school parent advisory committee.

Robert and his wife (Lucy) have 5 children that have been in all Metuchen schools. Currently one in 1st grade (Angela), one in 8th grade (Laura) and 3 are in college (Sarah, Timothy and Victoria). He is a recent survivor of Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer and vowed to "make a difference" after his health was restored.

Kieran Esposito has been an Import & Logistics Executive for over 20 years. He and his wife (Jean) have 2 Sons Andrew & Connor.  He is an active Little League Coach in Metuchen Little League.  He is Co-president in the St. Francis School Association. He has been a resident of Metuchen Since 1995.

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