The Forum's Stars on Stage Present Summer Program HONK JR.

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STARS ON STAGE Announces Our Summer Musical Theatre Program for Kids 8 to 13


The show that beat The Lion King out of the Olivier award (the British equivalent to the Tony Award)! Honk! Junior is a contemporary retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's classic story, "The Ugly Duckling" and features a Joseph... Dreamcoat-like score that kids and parents are sure to enjoy.

Classes begin Tuesday July 5. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 to 1pm except the week of July 25 which will be everyday.

Registration is Tuesday June 7 from 5 to 7pm or contact Peter at to register online. 

Performances will be July 28, 29, 30 and August 1st
Cost for the 4 week program is $450 with discounts for siblings. 

The show begins with the dawn of a glorious summer's day out in the country. Standing in the sunshine is a small farm, behind which is a lake surrounded with cattails. Drake, a proud father-to-be, introduces us to "A Poultry Tale." His wife, Ida, and the rest of the farmyard residents join in the telling while the Cat hides, eyeing the duck eggs in Ida's nest which he hopes will make a savory dinner. As the assorted barnyard animals rush offstage, Ida remains to tend to her nest of four average sized eggs and one curious looking large brown one. Ida is bossy and irritable after tending the eggs for such a long time, and she complains to Drake about her cramped quarters and his unwillingness to shoulder some of the burden. After Drake makes a hasty exit, Ida sings affectionately about "The Joy of Motherhoood" with a neighboring moorhen, Maureen. They exchange observations on the anguish
and happiness of bearing children just as the eggs start cracking. Four perfectly respectable ducklings emerge from the four perfectly respectable average sized eggs. After Maureen coos over the newly hatched ducklings, she goes off in search of Drake to tell him the good news. While the wide-eyed newborns yearn to explore their new world, mother Ida strictly lays down a few "nest rules" for her youngsters. Drake returns to meet his new children just as Ida realizes that the large egg has yet to hatch. Though Drake tries to persuade her to leave the big egg and join him and their ducklings for a swim, Ida insists upon staying with her unusual, unhatched egg. Drake joyously races the children down to the lake for their first swim while Ida resumes her position on the nest. Ida contemplates the last remaining egg and broods about why this one is so "Different." Suddenly there is a chipping
sound followed by a cracking sound. Ugly, a large, ungainly bird waddles out of his shell with a loud "HONK!"

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