Board Approves Sinatra Retirement; Letter to Sentinel On Superintendent Search

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David Liss, Metuchenite and longtime member of the Citizens for Quality Education, published this missive in the Sentinel. It discusses points of interest in regard to the approved resolution that Terri Sinatra will retire from her district post in January 2012. It will not be the last public discourse regarding the search for a new top dog at the district. In regards to the search for a new superintendent, the Board of Education approved the participation of the NJSBA (New Jersey School Board Association) to participate, at a cost of $15K, as the facilitator of the multi-faceted application and hiring process that will be set into motion within the next month. 

The Board stated that their website would be updated to reflect all aspects of the search and that a public Forum will be held in the fall to give the community an opportunity to discuss the most important aspects of the search from their perspective. However, don't wait until that Forum if you have something to say regarding this process--we are happy to publish open letters on Metuchen Matters or you can send your well-written notices to the Board members through the Board of Education (click through our site to their website). If you have a child in this district, this is a massively important endeavor. If you are a taxpayer without children in the district schools, your property values and property taxes will be affected in a significant way by the work that the new superintendent does for Metuchen. 

SO BE INVOLVED! Don't let this opportunity to ask for what you think is best for your kids and our district get away from you! As Abbie Hoffman said, Democracy is not something that you believe in, or something that you hang your hat on. It's something that you do, you participate. Without participation, democracy crumbles and fails. If you participate, you win, and the future is yours.

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