Metuchen's 9-year-old Little Leaguers Deliver Big Win in MIlltown Tournament

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Article Written By TOM DAVIS

Last year, it was pitching and defense that put them over the top. This year, Metuchen's 9-year-old Little Leaguers won the Milltown Tournament with style. (Check out his pictures at this link!)

Donning sleek new batting helmets, the 9-year-old tournament pitched and slugged its way Saturday to a 7-2 victory over host Milltown to win the championship.

For the second consecutive year, Metuchen's arms led the way. Adam Boucher, who pitched a no-hitter to lead the team to last year's championship, shut Milltown down by giving up only one run over the last four innings.

Jonathan Davis pitched the first two innings, giving up one run on only one hit. Davis pitched in three of the tournament's four games.

But it was the helmets that were "hit," perhaps, as the inspired Metuchen 9ers banged in nearly 70 runs over 4 games to go 3-1 in the tournament. In the championship, Thomas Faggioni led the way by leading off with an inside-the-park home run. Milltown never recovered. The fleet catcher-third-baseman-pitcher got a hit nearly every time he took to the plate in the tournament. the tournament, clutch hits came from J.J. Flynn, Liam Walker, Nick Phillips, Michael Fuccile, Alex Yakowenko and Chuck Bradley to help put Metuchen over the top. Stellar fielding was key, too, led by Boucher, Davis, Fuccile, Bradley, Alex Holloway, Connor O"Leary and Jared Manley.

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