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ACTS Church Back to School Prayer NIght September 7

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Update on Borough Cleanup from Pete Cammarano

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Borough Council president Pete Cammarano posted this to our Facebook site today. Thanks to Pete and the OEM for their professional and remarkably calm response to the myriad of craziness the hurricane caused for all families in town.

Normal trash collection schedule today and tomorrow. Brush and tree parts will be picked up according to the grass collection schedule. Storm related household debris will be picked up on Thursday on the south side and Friday on the north side.

Municipal Alliance Recovery Month 2011

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Patriot Day at Freedom Plaza Ceremony September 11th

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Community members are invited to attend a ceremony in observance of Patriot Day at Freedom Plaza in Metuchen on Sunday, September 11, 2011. The ceremony is scheduled to begin at 7:00 to be led by representatives of the Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce, Metuchen Police Dept., Metuchen Fire Dept., Metuchen EMS, and members of the clergy. The ceremony will take place rain or shine. A moment of silence will be observed.

The Freedom Plaza Memorial, located at the Metuchen train station at the corners of Main Street and Woodbridge Avenue, was erected as a place for reflection, remembrance, and affirmation. The Verdin Clock, which is the centerpiece of the memorial, represents a time for healing. Each of the 701 New Jersey residents who perished on September 11, 2001, at either the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, or in western Pennsylvania are listed on the memorial. A special notation marks the names of Metuchen and Edison residents - many of whom passed through our station that day.

Join us as we remember all those lost on that day. Small tributes of an individual flower or American flag would be welcomed. For additional information contact the Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce at 732-548-2964 or visit

CQE Letter Regarding Right Experience for New Superintendent

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From the CQE:

The Metuchen Board of Education is in the process of hiring the next Superintendent of Schools, at a time when the school system has been sitting at an academic crossroads. We cannot afford to continue performing at our current level and expect that all Metuchen students will have a strong academic experience.

Our district is fiscally sound; our school buildings are in good shape. Now it is crucial to focus on academics and on challenging all our students from K-12.  

When the Board selects the next Superintendent of Schools, that person should have proven quantifiable academic achievement in his/her school or district, as well as experience in leading with an eye on student outcomes.

The single most important outcome of a K-12 education is how prepared graduates are for the next step in life, which for most is getting a college degree. Since 2007, members of the community have expressed a real concern about the 4-year college attendance rate of Metuchen High School graduates. Back then, we were told that that year was a "blip" year, when the rate was 62%.  But in 2010 (the last class that the public has information on) MHS still sent only 62% of the graduating class on to a 4-year college. According to the 2011 New Jersey State Report Cards, Metuchen is 48 out of 48 I-districts in that category (the average I-district's rate is 80%).  And there are many districts of much lower socio-economic status that send more graduates to a 4-year college than Metuchen does.

This student outcome is extremely important not only to parents who have kids in Edgar School and in MHS, but for those whose kids are in 1st and 2nd grade too. It's in elementary school that the preparation begins for the challenge of college.

Metuchen Homes WIthout Power--ABC News Takes a Look

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Check out this link that Borough President Pete Cammarano put up on Facebook in which Metuchen is used as an example of the ongoing power losses up the East Coast are discussed. If you are without power and need some assistance, contact us through and we will help, in whatever way we can, to connect you to the correct authorities for your situation!

At the last Board of Education meeting, the issue of why the job description on the district site hasn't been updated to be more specific to present needs was addressed somewhat by Eileen Frowenfeld, who said that the 2006 description listed in the Star-Ledger ad and online was something that the Board could interpret as the process goes on--however, when the search was originally discussed by the Board, they said they would update the description before they did anything else. That has not been their decision as they move forward. 

This week, at the meeting tomorrow night at Borough Hall, there will be a vote that will cement the wording of the job description. Vocal residents in the district have been writing letters to the Board requesting that the wording be altered from the generic 2006 derscription in order to make "academic excellence" a priority for the new Superintendent, as well as a proved commitment to and ability with financial and administrative matters. After all, isn't that what a school district is responsible for--the education of our children? Tracy Miller thinks so--here is her letter in toto.

August 26, 2011

To Members of the Board of Education:

I am writing to express my views about the job description posted on the Board of Education website for the superintendent position, and to urge you not to approve the description at the August 30th meeting, in advance of the public forums in September and the public's opportunity to comment.  As you no doubt are aware, the selection of Superintendent is the single most critical decision for the education of our children for the forseeable future.

The current job description is an improvement over the prior draft which required central administration experience, thus eliminating many excellent candidates who have been principals, a position that requires administrative expertise and experience. However, the job description is still heavily weighted to administrative experience and short on the qualities needed to deliver the best possible education to all children in the Metuchen School System--a passion for education, a track record as an outstanding educator, a proven record of innovation, and the ability to lead our teachers to improve academic performance and to motivate students to reach their potential.

The job description will not attract candidates with the qualities noted above because the Board has not signaled that it is interested in those candidates. They will go elsewhere--to Districts where the Board of Education has clearly indicated that they are seeking someone committed to innovation and high standards to enhance the educational experience and performance of students.  The goals stated for the District, such as ensuring a "system of thorough and efficient education" and an "articulated, consistent education for all children" do not aim high for our children.  I appreciate that some language may be required by state law and regulation.  However, whatever state law and regulation require for the description, they surely do not prohibit a stronger statement of academic qualities and aspirations.

In this major regard, the job description does not speak to the aspirations, the values, or the goals that many parents in Metuchen have for their children. On the night that the Board held the forum for the search for the principal of the High School, over 50 parents attended.  As I am sure you recall, we were divided into rooms and the ideas and goals that each group identified for the new superintendent were taped to the walls of the cafeteria afterwards. Every group that reported expressed parents' hopes for their children's education at least in part in terms of academic achievement and the ability to raise the bar for all children and enable them to realize their academic potential. Many groups also stressed innovation and a passion for education. Their words were different--their aspirations for their children's education were consistent and clear.

Irene's Effects Still Felt Today

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The YMCA has no power and is closed at the moment. NJ Transit isn't running. A great deal of homes throughout town are still without power. Many of us are still bailing out (anybody know who we should call for a new sump pump?) and cleaning up from Hurricane Irene. The Borough of Metuchen Facebook page and Twitter feed did a great job during the hurricane (until we all lost internet connection) updating exactly what Irene was doing to town, blow by blow. And now we are hoping everything is going to go back to normal soon . . . Send us your story and let us know how the storm affected you. Check out our Facebook page for further information.

MM hopes that most of you weathered the storm just fine!

Tree Damage Widespread--Main Street Coming Back to Life

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This is a common sight today around town as Metuchen cleans up in the wake of Irene. 

This tree is down at the corner of Grove and Route 27, but there are trees down at Eggert, at Lake Avenue, at Central Avenue and several other main arteries in town, keeping busy treecutters and electricians alike.

Got a good picture of what's happening out there? Send it to us at This picture courtesy of Lea Lanton--thanks, Lea!

Here Comes Irene! Batten Down Your Hatches!

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Hurricane-Irene-Path.jpgBy the time Hurricane Irene gets to us, it may only be a category 1 or 2 storm--which is more hurricane than this area has seen since 1985! SO . . . what do you do? Make sure you have your bottled water, your nonperishables, some cash on hand and gas in the car, batteries and battery-powered amenities like radios and full-charged phones. If the power goes out, the Borough message that MM just got said that the 800-436-PSEG should be used ONLY (do NOT call emergency services at 911 for these occurrences). For more info, check out this link. Be careful out there! Keep informed and think of it as a forced natural STAYcation! Check out the State Government link to get up-to-the-minute updates on what's going on!

 From Alex Dawson and the Raconteur:

ON 8 PM, Fri. Aug 26, The Raconteur collaborates with the State Theatre!

It's the 30 year anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark and the summer of Super 8, which means it's the perfect time to see the homemade cult sensation Spielberg himself calls "hugely imaginative!"

After seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1981, three 12 year old friends, Chris Strompolos, Eric Zala and Jayson Lamb, began filming their own shot-by-shot adaptation in the backyards of their Mississippi homes. Vigilant, resourceful, and a little bit insane, these Mississippi tweens gained access to sacks of gunpowder, gallons of gasoline, a retired WWII battleship and a functioning Navy submarine. They broke bones, got grounded, blew up a garage, and got grounded again. Eric had to be hospitalized twice, once for having his hair set aflame, and once because shards of plaster from an exploding head "effect" had to be surgically removed from his scalp. Seven years later their film was in the can.

Check out DJ Glenn at the Brownstone Wednesday Nights

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DJ Glenn has been working in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. From acting, singing and dancing to working as a DJ, he is one of the most versatile and interactive mobile deejays on the road today. His latest venue will be a karoake show starting every Wednesday night from 10 PM-closing at the newly-renovated Brownstone in Metuchen. 

If you check out DJ Glenn, feel free to post a review of his karaoke show!

Where Were You During the Earthquake?

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earthquake cartoon.jpgI had a chance years ago to move to Los Angeles and didn't do it--because it was just after the last big quake! So imagine my surprise when I'm in the middle of Times Square yesterday and people start running around screaming about the earthquake. What? In New York and New Jersey? Where were you when the earth was shaking?? Put up a comment here or on our Facebook page. We can't wait to hear your stories!!

Temple Emanu-El Invite for the High Holy Day Season

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From the Temple:

Experience the Ruach (spirit) of Temple Emanu-El of Edison during the High Holy Day season.

If you would like to join us for all High Holy Day Services, you may do so for a fee of $200 per adult and $100 per child.  This is a one-time offer (not available to those who participated in prior years) and your ticket prices will be applied toward membership if you join the Temple before December 31, 2011.

Special tickets are available for Multi-Generational Family Services for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, geared towards children ages 6 through 12 and their parents, grandparents or caregivers, and for the Yizkor and Neilah services on Yom Kippur.  Tot services for children under the age of six will also be open to the community.  Tickets are not required for Tot services only.

For questions, call the Temple Office at 732-549-4442.

September 11th Memorial Service at Freedom Plaza 7 PM

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From the Chamber of Commerce:

Community members are invited to attend a ceremony in observance of Patriot's Day at Freedom Plaza in Metuchen on Sunday, September 11, 2011 at 7 PM.  The Freedom Plaza Memorial, located at the Metuchen train station at the corners of Main Street and Woodbridge Avenue, was erected as a place for reflection, remembrance, and affirmation. 

Each of the 701 New Jersey residents who perished on that day, at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, or in Pennsylvania, is listed on that memorial. A special notation marks the names of Metuchen and Edison residents - many of whom passed through our station that day.

Join us as we remember all those lost on that tragic day.  Representatives of the Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce, Metuchen Police Department, Metuchen Fire Department, Metuchen EMS, and members of the clergy will be attending. Small tributes of an individual flower or American flag would be appreciated.

For additional information, please contact the Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce at 732-548-2964 or visit.

St. Joe's Duckling March

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ducklings.jpgCheck out this article about the ducklings at St. Joe's High School. Very cute!

The War of the Worlds Re-created at Metuchen Library Wed PM

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Raconteur Radio & The Metuchen Public Library Present: 7:30 PM, Aug 24--THE WAR OF THE WORLDS: Staged Radio Play Featuring Michael Jarmus, Laurence Mintz, Carlyle Owens, and Alex Dawson

The War of the Worlds was first performed October 30, 1938 as the Halloween episode of "Mercury Theatre On Air." Directed and narrated by Orson Welles, the episode, set in Grovers Mills, NJ, is a loose adaptation of the H. G. Wells' novel, and begins as a dance band broadcast intermittently interrupted by news flashes about strange explosions on Mars. As a result, there were instances of panic throughout the US, especially in New York and New Jersey. There has been continued speculation that the panic generated by the broadcast inspired government officials to forever cover up subsequent unidentified flying object evidence. THEATRICAL LIGHTING! SOUND FX! FREE! NOTE: This at the Metuchen Library NOT The Raconteur. 

Memphis Three Prison Release Celebrated by Local Activists

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The Memphis Three, convicted killers in Arkansas who were freed after eighteen years in jail because all evidence against them turned out to be false, were the cause of local Metuchen advocates Bill Prichason and Marcia Ian who even flew down to Arkansas to meet one of the convicts himself. Prichason noted that "I should feel really happy . . . But I feel sick. . . they should have been exonerated." A documentary by Montclair's own Bruce Sinofsky and his partner Joe Berlinger will be shown on HBO in January. For more info, click here.

Events at Metuchen Library August 30 + 31

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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: ?On Tuesday, August 30 at 7 PM, there will be a screening of the?2005 comic science-fiction film based on the book of the same name by Douglas Adams. Refreshments will be served; all ages are welcome.

A YA Open Mic Night:?On Wednesday, August 31 at 7 PM.? ?Calling all writers, musicians, performers--Anyone interested in reading his/her original work of fiction, poetry, etc. or performing, please contact the YA Librarian at ?This program will be hosted by Alex Dawson and will feature some of the members of his YA Writers Workshop that was held at the Library this summer and funded by the Friends. ?This program is for young adults only; everyone 18 years old and younger is welcome to read/perform or to attend and enjoy the evening. Refreshments will be served.

Questions about the programs? Call the Library on 732.632.8526 or write

The Atmosferics Finish Out Metuchen Rocks! August 25th

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The Metuchen Rocks! Outdoor Summer Concert Series will present its fourth and final concert for the season featuring THE ATMOSFERICS on Thursday, August 25th, at 7:30 p.m. on the Metuchen Summer Stage located in downtown Metuchen on the corner of New and Center Streets. 

The Atmosferics' musical roots stretch far and wide, drawing from a deep pool of influences from classic rockers like Bob Dylan, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to the improvisational nether-regions of The Grateful Dead, Phish and Miles Davis' electric period. Their set lists are often eclectic, comprised of all original tunes that draw from a number of funk styles that embrace the raw funk and spatial groove of the New Orleans funk scene, as well as Latin funk blues that combines folkloric lyrics with head-bopping solos.

The Atmosferics have opened for the Stanton Moore Trio and Bobby Previte's "Coalition of the Willing" featuring Charlie Hunter at The Knitting Factory, as well as Keller Williams at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park. They have also performed in New York City at The Crossroads, The Lions Den and The Bitter End.

Labor Day Events Cancelled

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From the Chamber of Commerce:


As Labor Day draws near, many of you look forward to the annual Labor Day Celebration held at the Pearl Street Lot.  This year, however, the Celebration will be not be held.  We hope to provide a fireworks show in the near future.  Information pertaining to dates, etc. will be provided at a later date. Thank you for your support and please enjoy a safe, peaceful Labor Day holiday.


Woody Allen's 

Starring Owen Wilson & Rachel McAdams


Midnight in Paris is a gourmet meal of delectably charming and playful scenes. Adrian Brody is riotous as a surreal artist and Kathy Bates deftly evokes a wise and famous writer. It is a sweet, endearing and thought provoking film that will whisk you away into a sublime magical world.

Rated R Running Time 2hrs

Tickets $10,  $9 for Seniors 65 and older, Students under 17 $8

In a stunning announcement at last night's Borough Council meeting, Mr. John Messenger of the MHS Marching Band and Color Guard, along with band members and parents, told the town about the band's exciting invitation: The Metuchen Marching Band has been invited to perform at the 2012 Orange Bowl. They are one of three bands chosen to participate in a pre-game entertainment extravaganza. However, it's going to cost over $100K to get all 85 members to Florida for the big event.

As written on their donation website, "This is quite an honor and a wonderful opportunity for Metuchen and the band. If you would like to help offset the cost of the trip, donations are being accepted. Please access the website for more information on how you may donate." If you are interested in helping to raise money, plan to make your own donation or have a matching program at your job which may help raise additional funds, please contact Mr. Messenger and the committee through this link. Good luck!!
The Metuchen Municipal Pool Swim team, parents, pool administrators and volunteers all were acknowledged and celebrated by the Borough Council last night for their achievements in the MMP's Swim Across America participation this summer. Check out these great pix of the team in action and receiving their congratulations last night at the Council meeting. Thanks to Melissa Karlovitch and congratulations to everyone who participated in Swim 4 a Cure!

Metuchen Artist Wins Watercolor Society Award

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9889065-large.jpgSandy Mezinis, a watercolor artist who lives in Metuchen, has won the Garden State Watercolor Society's top award for her painting "A Man for All Seasons." "Garden State in Step with Nature" is the society's 42nd annual Juried Exhibition and is on view at the Johnson Education Center Gallery in Princeton through October 15th. Congratulations, Sandy!

The Metuchen Public Library is offering three free college-prep programs to Metuchen resident in grades 10-12.  Call the Library on 732.632.8526 or write the Young Adult Librarian at to register for the workshops below:

The College Application Essay Workshop:  In this program, rising high school seniors will learn what makes a good essay by analyzing samples, brainstorming for ideas, personalizing their writing, and editing their work.  By the time participants complete the workshop, they will be well on their way to having a polished product. This program will be led by an experienced, certified English teacher who teaches in a Middlesex County public high school.  Dates: Tuesday, August 16; Wednesday, August 17 and Tuesday, August 23.  Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM.

Student Resume Writing Workshop:  A hands-on program designed especially for students in 10th through 12th grade. It's never too early to think about how to present yourself on paper: for special high school programs, for summer jobs and volunteer positions, for interviews with prospective colleges, when applying for internships while you are at college, etc. Participants will learn the important components of a good resume and how to explore opportunities that build experience during the teen years.  Date: Tuesday, August 16. Time: 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM.

The College Interview Workshop is recommended for all rising high school juniors and seniors. Discover how the interview can be an important opportunity for the prospective student, and learn tips to enhance your performance.  Practice questions will be provided and participants will work one-on-one with their peers to practice the skills that make for a stand-out applicant.  Date: Tuesday, August 23.  Time: 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM.

In addition, the Library will host a free practice PSAT and a free practice SAT, both administrated by the Kaplan Test-Prep Company.  The PSAT will be given on Thursday, August 18 at 12:30 PM for 10th and 11thgrader.  The SAT will be given on Thursday, August 23 at 12:30 PM for 11th and 12th graders.  Space is limited. At this time, these tests have been opened to Metuchen residents and to non-residents.  To register for the practice PSAT and the practice SAT, follow the links:



Town Garage Sale September 17th--Sign up NOW!

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The Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce presents the 22nd Annual Fall Townwide Garage Sale, Saturday, September 17th, 9am-4pm.  Rain date, Sunday September 18th.  Metuchen residents can pick up registration forms at the Metuchen Train Station, Metuchen Public Library, Metuchen Savings Bank, What's the Scoop, or the Chamber Office.  Forms can also be downloaded by visiting  For more information, call 732-548-2964.

August 18th Metuchen Rocks! With Night Train

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The Metuchen Rocks! Outdoor Summer Concert Series will present Night Train on Thursday, August 18th, at 7:30 p.m. on the Metuchen Summer Stage located in downtown Metuchen on the corner of New and Center Streets. 

Since 1997, Mike Flynn has performed under the banner of Night Train with a cadre of some of the best R&B musicians in the region and accompanying some of the most renowned blues artists in the country.  The band has performed with the legendary Chicago Bluesmen Junior Wells and Hubert Sumlin.  They have also shared the stage with Louisiana's own Kenny Neal.  The band is often called upon to support Sonny Rhoads when he comes to the east coast to perform on his electric Lap Steel.  

Night Train performs regularly in clubs all around New Jersey including the Old Bay in New Brunswick.  The band has also made appearances at other New Jersey outdoor music festivals such as the Red Bank Jazz and Blues Festival, the Duke Island Concerts in the Park and the Red Bank Jazz and Blues Festival.

BEGINNERS At the Forum Starting Tonight

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Starts Tonight  -- 
Christopher Plummer and Ewan McGregor in:


The Forum says, "Beginners imaginatively explores the hilarity, confusion, and surprises of love through the evolving consciousness of Oliver (Ewan McGregor). Oliver meets the irreverent and unpredictable Anna (Mélanie Laurent) only months after his father Hal (Christopher Plummer) has passed away. This new love floods Oliver with memories of his father who - following 44 years of marriage - came out of the closet at age 75 to live a full, energized, and wonderfully tumultuous gay life. The upheavals of Hal's new honesty, by turns funny and moving, brought father and son closer than they'd ever been able to be. Now Oliver endeavors to love Anna with all the bravery, humor, and hope that his father taught him.


Tickets $10,  $9 for Seniors 65 and older

Kids on Stage Offers Seussical Jr. Class This Fall

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Classes Start September 13
Kids On Stage Fall Program presents:

Introduce your children to the world of musical theater! The FTAC's Performing Arts School program, Stars on Stage, offers children a valuable experience in both theater arts and music. Children will develop singing, dancing and drama skills for a public performance held at the Forum Theatre at the end of each class series. (Please note: We offer a generous multiple class discount - sign up for more than one class OR sign up more than one child and save 15% on each additional class.)

Registration will be on August 31 and September 8 from 5:30 to 7pm. If you can't make those dates you can always register by emailing Peter Loewy at and we'll send you an application or call the theatre at 732.548.5600 and leave a message.

Classes are for students from 8 to 13 years of age. No experience nessesary, only a desire to learn! Tuition is $450 for the 10 week program and $425 if paid in full by September 13.
Performances are November 18, 19, 20 On The Forum Stage
For further info please email

Friends of the Library Make Fun Purchases for Metuchen

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The Friends of the Metuchen Library have made some great purchases for the commuity. We thank them for their hard work!

National Night Out TONIGHT

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Message About August 3rd's BofE Meeting + Super Search Info

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Please note that the Board of Education meeting that has just been scheduled and posted to the Metuchen Schools Website for this coming Wednesday, August 3 at 8 PM will be held in the Central Office in Moss School (lower level).  Please enter from the parking lot behind the school that can be accessed from Bounty Street.  This meeting is open to the public.

For more information on the NJSBA's process during this superintendent search, check out this link.

Artists: Rotunda Gallery Wants You All!

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The Rotunda Gallery (Metuchen's only gallery located inside our beautiful Borough Hall) is seeking professional artists who would like to have their work considered for display in 2012.  Please see the attached link for the prospectus and contact Amy Brooks with any questions.   

On December 4th, the Puerzer Family will tie jingle bells to our shoelaces and participate in the Jingle Bell Run/Walk® for Arthritis, a 5K fun run/walk to benefit the Arthritis Foundation.

YOU can help by making a donation! Arthritis affects more than 50 million Americans, including 300,000 children (INCLUDING AARON), and is the leading cause of disability. The Arthritis Foundation needs our help.

Please consider making a monetary donation to our team, Aaron's ArmyJust click the following secure link, make your tax-deductible donation, and you will receive an email receipt for tax purposes:

Thank you so much!

Rich, Clare, Casey, Aaron, and Josh Puerzer


The David Cedeno Latin Orchestra will open the METUCHEN ROCKS! Outdoor Summer  Concert Series on Thursday, August 4th, at 7:30 p.m. on Metuchen's Summer Stage located downtown on the corner of New and Center Streets in downtown Metuchen.

The David Cedeno Latin Orchestra combines a repertoire of Latin salsa, Latin jazz, meringue and contemporary ballads arranged with a Latin beat.  COME PREPARED TO DANCE!   The Orchestra's line up for Metuchen includes Wilfredo Lugo on piano, Alberto Rodriguez on bass, Jose Ortiz on congas, Miguel Otero on timbales, Ivan Burgos on vocals, Khadafy Kahn on trombone and Ralphie Cedeno on back up vocals.  Bandleader David Cedeno, who performed in the movie EL CANTANTE with Jennifer Lozpez and Marc Anthony, is on trumpet.

On Sunday, July 24th, 110 swimmers got a break from the intense heat while pushing their endurance limits as the 2011 Swim 4 A Cure got underway at the Metuchen Municipal Pool. Consisting of members of the Metuchen Municipal Pool Swim & Dive Team, assorted coaches, family members and a team of Masters swimmers from the Metuchen YMCA, made this year's Swimathon a huge success. The 2011 team swam over 225 miles and reached their goal to swim to Chicago.  In the past 4 years, this team has swum over 650 miles and raised $30,000 for Swim Across America (SAA), an organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for cancer research, prevention and treatment through swimming - related events. 

Several swimmers joined the 10 Mile Club and two swimmers entered the 15 Mile Club for cumulative miles swum over the past 4 years at our community pool for this event.  The team continues raising money for the organization, and donations can be made through the team website at: and choosing Donate to this Event.  Donation cans at local businesses can be found at Boro Hardware, LaRosa Pizza, What's the Scoop, and the Bagel Pantry and will be collected by August 3rd.

The team gave a huge "Thank You" to the Pool Management, Pool Commission and Girl Scout Troop 80743 for their volunteering efforts, helping to run this event each year, as well as the community and family members who have supported the team in this fundraising campaign each of the 4 years the Swimathon has been held. Congratulations, everybody! Thanks to Chris Morrisson for the great video from the event!

BRIDESMAIDS this weekend at the Forum

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At the Forum this Weekend:


Starring Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Rose Byrne

Go to: 

Rated R Running Time 2hrs

Friday 7:30 Saturday 5 & 7:30 Sunday 4:30 & 7pm

Tickets $10,  $9 for Seniors 65 and older

For more information visit our website at and PLEASE TELL A FRIEND!

732.548.5600 The Forum Theatre 314 Main St Metuchen

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