MHS Marching Band at the 2012 Orange Bowl -- Want to Help Get Them There?

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In a stunning announcement at last night's Borough Council meeting, Mr. John Messenger of the MHS Marching Band and Color Guard, along with band members and parents, told the town about the band's exciting invitation: The Metuchen Marching Band has been invited to perform at the 2012 Orange Bowl. They are one of three bands chosen to participate in a pre-game entertainment extravaganza. However, it's going to cost over $100K to get all 85 members to Florida for the big event.

As written on their donation website, "This is quite an honor and a wonderful opportunity for Metuchen and the band. If you would like to help offset the cost of the trip, donations are being accepted. Please access the website for more information on how you may donate." If you are interested in helping to raise money, plan to make your own donation or have a matching program at your job which may help raise additional funds, please contact Mr. Messenger and the committee through this link. Good luck!!

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