The War of the Worlds Re-created at Metuchen Library Wed PM

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Raconteur Radio & The Metuchen Public Library Present: 7:30 PM, Aug 24--THE WAR OF THE WORLDS: Staged Radio Play Featuring Michael Jarmus, Laurence Mintz, Carlyle Owens, and Alex Dawson

The War of the Worlds was first performed October 30, 1938 as the Halloween episode of "Mercury Theatre On Air." Directed and narrated by Orson Welles, the episode, set in Grovers Mills, NJ, is a loose adaptation of the H. G. Wells' novel, and begins as a dance band broadcast intermittently interrupted by news flashes about strange explosions on Mars. As a result, there were instances of panic throughout the US, especially in New York and New Jersey. There has been continued speculation that the panic generated by the broadcast inspired government officials to forever cover up subsequent unidentified flying object evidence. THEATRICAL LIGHTING! SOUND FX! FREE! NOTE: This at the Metuchen Library NOT The Raconteur. 

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