CQE with Update on Superintendent's Search

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For Immediate Release:

When Metuchen's Board of Education publicized its Superintendent Search calendar, it seemed November 1st was an aggressive goal for the appointment of a new superintendent.  Metuchen Citizens for Quality Education (CQE) was hopeful that the positive environment of our district (good students, great teachers and staff and supportive community) would attract many accomplished principals and supervisors looking for career advancement--which it has done.

The September 27 Superintendent Search Pool Report consisted of 24 completed applications, 21 of which met or exceeded the established criteria. Additional statistics are available on the district website:   http://www.metuchenschools.org/metuchen/Superintendent%20Search/_top

The Board has been interviewing candidates and, based on the calendar, will have invited a small number back for second interviews.  We are now less than two weeks away from the hiring deadline.

CQE believes a strong leader with a vision for academic achievement is critical to help Metuchen achieve its fullest potential. The organization advocates that all students be academically challenged in every grade (K-12) and across every skill level. We also fully support ensuring a well-rounded educational experience to its students.

The Board has maintained its tight and difficult schedule and is close to completing the search process, without the need for an interim superintendent. Well done. For the good of Metuchen's students, we look forward to the Board completing the process, and appointing a new leader with the vision to help move Metuchen higher among its peers and begin a new era for the district.

There is a special business meeting to address the search for a new superintendent scheduled for Wednesday October 26th at 8 PM at Metuchen High School. It is open to the public, and CQE encourages everyone to attend and participate in this important decision.

Best regards,

Metuchen Citizens for Quality Education (CQE)
--JoAnn Sabatino-Falkenstein, President 
Kathy Liss, Vice President; 
Jim Jaques, Vice President

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