Halloween Parade Route for Sunday -- Starts at the Senior Center at 3 PM

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Since there is a lack of pumpkins this year, with crops not surviving the horribly wet summer, there is no pumpkin float at Tommy's Pond. Instead, there will be a special Halloween Parade starting at the Senior Center at 3 PM on Sunday, October 30th. Check out this parade route map--vendors will be along the route, handing out candy and information about their services to the community.

Our sources tell us that there is also a Zombie Invasion planned but it WILL NOT START UNTIL 5PM!  So clear out the kiddies and let the Zombies have the street after 5.

P.S. The weather report claims that there is a possibility of 3-5 inches of snow expected tomorrow--yes, in October! UGH! We will keep you updated about the weather and the parade throughout the weekend.

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