Help Protect the Dismal Swamp from Development October 13th

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SPEAK OUT TO KEEP YOUR FAMILIES SAFE & TO KEEP YOUR HOMES FROM FLOODING!  Help defeat this absurd development proposal & join your neighbors for a public rally on:  Thursday, October 13th @ 12 pm. Meet at the baseball field at the intersection of Alexis Lane and Talmadge Road in Edison.

A politically-connected developer is proposing to clear-cut woods and pave over wetlands on State Green-Acres preserved parkland adjacent to Alexis Lane to build a sprawling center.

If this project on the Visco wetlands is approved, it will:

                Significantly increase traffic and parking problems in neighboring residential developments, causing danger to children who play in the area.

                Increase flood damage for neighboring families. Floods that already plague our neighborhood will worsen drastically.

                Destroy the Dismal Swamp Conservation Area, which provides our crowded region's only nature trails and significant wildlife habitat.

Can't make the rally on Oct 13th?  Don't miss this second chance to have your voice heard:

The Township of Edison will be hearing the Visco proposal on Thursday, November 3, at the Edison Municipal Building at 100 Municipal Boulevard at 6 p.m. Join us for a rally at 5 p.m. that day, before speaking out against this proposal at the hearing.

*Visit for more information.*

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