Help Restock the First Presbyterian Church Food Pantry!

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The First Presbyterian Church of Metuchen, located at 270 Woodbridge Ave, operates a food pantry that provides non-perishable food items to families once a month in the Metuchen/Edison community. On an average at least 10 families a week are referred here from social services regarding their need for food assistance.

The need for assistance continues to increase during these economic times so the church's food pantry is running low. Here is a list of food that is needed on a continual basis for the food pantry--if you would like, please think about donating these items:

 € Parmalat Milk (goes the fastest) 
€ Juice (plastic bottles/canned) 
€ Peanut Butter (smooth or chunky -- i.e., Jiff, Skippy, etc) € Jelly (strawberry, grape, etc) € Pancake Mix (mix with water - i.e., Aunt Jemima) € Maple Syrup (i.e., Log Cabin, Mrs. Butterworth) € Cold Cereal (any kind) € Hot Cereal (Instant Oatmeal, Farina, Cream of Wheat) € Macaroni & Cheese (Kraft, any brand) € Soup (i.e., Progresso, Campbell Chucky, Healthy Choice) € Spaghetti Sauce (canned or plastic) € Fruits & Vegetables & Beans (canned or plastic) € Canned Meats (tuna, turkey, chicken, ham, spam, etc.) € Canned Pasta (spaghetti O¹s, ravioli, etc) € Canned Meals (stews, chili, etc) € Pasta (spaghetti, macaroni, couscous, etc) € Rice or Mashed Potato Mix € Crackers € Granola Bars/Pop Tarts € Pudding/Jello, 

Coffee, Tea Bags, Hot Chocolate.

All food donations are accepted at the church office in the Social Center during regular business hours.

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